To, Through and Beyond: Fairview

Get ready for an in-depth look into the towns, districts and areas that make up what we know and love: Marion County. We’ve got some exploring to do!

Let’s all go to … Fairview!

Before we begin our journey, we’ll need sustenance. Ken’s is a delicious Chinese favorite in the county. It’s somehow specifically located just outside of downtown, right outside of the University District and one country road away from Barrackville (on the way to Fairview). As strange as it is to be located outside of every district, it works out (and especially for us). Grab some take out or eat in before your drive to Barrackville. The drive is a bit country, the food incredible and the portions? Significantly greater than average.

Keep driving the country roads to take a tour of a beautiful history lesson. The Barrackville Covered Bridge was built for $1,852 (how extravagant!) and was used for over 130 years. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places for reasons other than its advanced age. The only hostile army ever in Marion County crossed this bridge with intent to destroy it. At the persuasion of nearby mill owners (how adorable!), Confederate General William E. “Grumble” Jones spared it (how nice!). After its existence as the only bridge in operation without the use of modern reinforcement (how terrifying!), it was fully restored in 1999 and has been bypassed with a modern road and bridge. (And we all heave a collective sigh of relief.)

The current Barrackville Covered Bridge is, as stated, completely restored. Although it looks old-fashioned, it is structurally sound for taking an adorable stroll, making sweet memories and sharing cute pictures on Insta.

Just after making it into Barrackville, you’ll find the most tranquil of spaces. Wild Acre Farm is a retreat and getaway, spend a few hours or spend a few nights. Embrace meditation as you walk the 80 ft. labyrinth among the hills of Marion. An organic farm full of flowers and goodies, Wild Acres also operates as a retreat space and serves the produce from the farm.


red covered bridge

Barrackville Covered Bridge


If you happen to be in town in December, enjoy Barrackville’s Christmas in Our Town, an all day celebration of the holidays. After the craft fair, take a horse drawn carriage ride through town. End the day with a good ol’ fashioned parade and (in the traditional Colombian way … random) with fireworks!

Time is on your side when you visit Curiosity Clockworks. Whether you are in need of a new timepiece, and by new we mean vintage or have a clock in need of repair, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily for you, you won’t be dealing with The Oldest Man as the clock repairman!

Throw your heart out at Diana’s Pottery Studio, the newest and coolest stop in town. This is a place where you can learn a new skill: throw, paint or shop!

This next restaurant meets the Marion requirements: hotdogs. Hometown Hotdogs of Fairview offers hotdogs with slaw, sauce and all the fixins’. Try all the combinations!

We all need that quintessential summer stop. Little Dippers has 24 flavors of ice cream, a case full of baked and frozen goods plus savory meals! Choose between peach and blackberry cobbler; pick from banana, caramel and red velvet poke cakes. And that’s just dessert! Will you have a cheeseburger hoagie, a cod sandwich, or a bratwurst dog with sauerkraut. For the side? Cornbread, chicken and dumpling soup and/or Oliverio Pepper Soup! The options are endless, but our stomachs are not. Choose wisely.


Fairview July 4th Celebration

Fairview July 4th Celebration


The hotdogs and ice cream don’t end there. Fairview Fourth of July celebrates the occasion in every way imaginable! Participate in or watch the delicious fun of the hotdog eating contest; listen to or play in the acoustic jam session; and run the 5k Fun Run or cheer the athletes on! It wouldn’t be an Independence Day Celebration without a grand parade (and Uncle Sam), a cake walk, live music, magic and fireworks.

So that you’re in the know, the mass hysteria and love for college football started right here! Fielding H. Yost is one of Fairview’s most notable home-town boys.  Fielding was a football player, coach, college athletics administrator, business person, lawyer, author – I think you get the point. But did you know how college football became such a big deal? Yost is best known as a leading figure in pioneering the development of college football into a national phenomenon!

Now, it’s time for some good cooking – and eating. Fairview Diner has everything your mama used to make for you. Get chicken pot pie, potato soup or vegetable soup and move onto country fried steak with mashed potatoes. Enjoy a cabbage roll and slaw before dessert. Berry cobbler, turtle pie, spice cake are a few among many other pies and sweet delicacies.

We have one more small town to go see! Last but not least is the newest addition to the county: The Bakers Nook. It already sounds lovely. They serve cake, pies,  mango scones, sugar shock brownies, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, you  know, baked goods. The cool thing about them is that they understand that sometimes you need food-food before you can have dessert food. Enjoy the little Hawaiian meatballs, hash brown casserole and grilled chicken salad.

As you can see, Barrackville, Fairview and Farmington don’t mess around when it comes to history, food and fun. So enjoy the festivities; enjoy the hotdogs; and enjoy Marion!

What’s your favorite Fairview memory? 


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