Marion Celebrates All Things Frank Sinatra With A Tribute Concert

person holding a class of red wine and eating bruschetta from a bowl

It’s actually happening, a thing that’s never happened before. It’s a Marion County first… Are you ready for it? (Hold onto your Fedora and prepare to have your socks knocked off!)

I’m excited, dare I say, ecstatic to announce the first ever Frank Sinatra Day!

You may be asking yourself ‘What?’ ‘How?’ ‘When?’

Even more incredible to comprehend, Sinatra Day 2019 actually happens to be occurring Valentine’s Week.

man sitting at a piano with hand on keysI stumbled upon this incredible event happening at Fairmont State University: The Frank Sinatra Tribute Concert. At first, I thought ‘Whatever.’ But then I did some research of which the interweb was particularly helpful. To start, the guy crooning Sinatra songs is cute! His name is Tony DeSare, and he can sing just like Ol’ Blue Eyes, which is arguably the more important attribute.

Then, I got to thinking, ‘Why wait until 7:30 p.m. on February 11th?’

Being Italian, living in an Italian area and loving all things Italian, I decided to make a day of it! Knowing that I am not the only one to feel this way, I am going to share my plans with you so can feel the anticipation grow as well!

To make the most of this momentous occasion, we’ll have to make some advanced preparations . . .

As soon as possible, go to Assumption Records to get some tunes. We need to set the mood with some Sinatra at the Sands, The Rat Pack and all of his own classics – which is all of them!

Although it’s very apparent, I’ll go ahead and blatantly state that you want to look good for your night out on the town. So make some appointments at Tuscan Sun Spa for at least a facial and a manicure – something elegant and reminiscent of the ’50s. Don’t forget to check out any jewelry or makeup you might need to complete “the look”.woman looking at a fur shawl on a mannequin

But don’t stop there; we also have to plan… our outfits! You might not realize this, but Arts & Antiques Marketplace has the styles necessary for a successful Sinatra serenade. The perfect dress, gloves, fur shawl, and jewelry are all right there.

Now that you’ve done the necessary prep work, start the concert day the Italian way with a shot of espresso. Too strong? Go for a cappuccino. Joe n Throw has all kinds of coffee drinks and equipment for all tastes (no matter how non-Italian) and all caffeine-handling abilities (no matter how pathetic).

Now that you’re properly coiffed, coutured, and caffeinated, grab some lunch at Colasessano’s. Choose from Italian American or straight up Italian options. Gelato is also a must.

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for, the ultimate Italian date night…

man mixing a drink in a cocktail shakerYou won’t be overdressed for Sinatra Day at Muriale’s. Enjoy some classics like the spaghetti or get a little fancier with bruschetta and shrimp fra diavlo. A good wine won’t hurt and neither will the tiramisu. What you might also want to consider is a cannoli with a Muriale’s/Sinatra cocktail: The New York, New York.

It’s finally time for the event of the season! Bundle up in that fur shawl and stroll the lovely Fairmont State University campus to Colebank Hall. Listen to Tony DeSare, an incredible simulation of the one and only Frank Sinatra, performing with the very best West Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

What’s your favorite Frank Sinatra song? 

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