Getting Chic with Antiques

What’s chic and filled with antiques? Marion County!

We know a thing or two about history and antiques. Our local shops are flush with vintage goodies and upcycling projects.

“Shabby chic is definitely catching on here,” said Leisha Elliott, Executive Director of Marion County CVB. “People like finding old stuff and refurbishing them. It’s a lot of fun finding new uses for old things. And as an added bonus, it is environmentally friendly.”

Building Momentum

Take your pick: primitive implements, antique furniture, vintage clothing. . . .  Marion County has a lot of everything. No wonder trinkets from yesteryear put this slice of West Virginia on the map.

But there’s another reason collectors drive here: do-it-yourself restoration.

Ready to get in on the action? Take a look at at these nifty shops:

Arts & Antiques Marketplace

This cavernous building holds tons of goodies— no exaggeration. 80 vendors spread their wares across 3 floors. You’ll have your hands full with vintage clothing, cookware, toys and more in every available space.

If you’ve always wanted to achieve that shabby chic look with a piece of furniture, learn it here! Arts & Antiques Marketplace has fun classes and fashion shows, too.

Sweet Memories Antique Mall

It’s all about nostalgia. You’ll find adorable antique children’s furniture, dignified library desks, vintage advertising signs and more. You might unearth a buggy seat and an antique spool, too.

“We initially set up an antique shop in part of our house to see if we could make a go of it,” said Susan Farber, owner. She and her husband pooled their interests and crossed their fingers.

“I collect hand-sewn samplers, firkins and pie safes,” Farber said. “My husband likes stoneware and World War II military items.”

A couple of years passed before the couple established Sweet Memories Antique Mall in its current building, where the Farbers enjoy a lively business selling— and buying— items. True to its name, the shop has been a good memory: May 27 marks 10 years of sweet success.

Pickers Paradise

This store certainly lives up to its name!

“It’s a real hip place,” said Jake Hutchinson, owner. “We like anything unusual and off the beaten path.”

You’ll find yourself divided between the shop’s quirky antiques and gorgeous musical instruments.  Attractive vintage advertisements, cheerful toy cars and unique stoneware pieces compete with fascinating gems like a hearing aid for a confessional and a glossy, spherical ashtray cover. The instruments are just as varied: acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, dulcimers and more. It’s a well-lit place and welcoming— the kind of shop where you can really browse.

“All kinds of customers come here. We’ve found that having antiques and musical instruments really works. People get a kick out of it,” Hutchinson said.

Crystal’s Country Closet

decorating store

This is a charming place to spend an afternoon. You’ll spot sturdy block tables, elegant chairs and tasteful lamps. Primitive items like farming tools, dolls and glassware are also shop staples. But if something catches your eye, don’t hesitate.

“Now’s the picking season,” said Crystal Johnson, owner. “Our vendors are travelling all over delivering treasures to our customers.”

Better grab something before it disappears! You’ll have a decent shot in June, though, when Crystal’s Country Closet has a big yard sale.

Still not finding what you are looking for? Add Crystal’s Custom Creations, Our Country Corner and Monongah Furniture & Antiques to your must stop list.

And if you want “the look” without the work, you won’t be

Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis

disappointed in Something Special,  Rider Pharmacy Gifts & Collectibles or This-N-That.

Where in Marion County are you going to find your next shabby chic project?

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