Heston Farm

Heston Farm – a mixture of good wine, good food, good music, good mood – is one of a kind. And it happens to be right here in Marion County.

Heston Farm Winery and Pinchgut Hollow Distillery is located at 1602 Tulip Lane in Pleasant Valley.  This local and unique business is one of only thirty-one wineries and distilleries in the state.

It’s a young business that opened the door to many possibilities in their two-year history. They offer:

  • The Foxfire Restaurant
  • Wine and Spirits tasting
  • Winery Tours
  • Live music
  • Organic community garden
  • Off-site catering services
  • Video lottery room

Name it and they can do it!

With all that’s offered, Heston Farm is rising above the competition, and they have been with non-stop construction over the past two years. Moreover, they haven’t ceased planning for more; in the future they hope to acquire a brewery, walking trails, a wine club and an events center.

Their wines, whiskeys and moonshines are made on the premises, and are named after animals that have been on the farm. For example, Jade’s Sweet Reward is a wine named after their retired bomb sniffing dog, Jade.  Prudence and Penelope is a wine named after the first pigs on the farm.

Heston Farm makes and sells eleven farm wines, as well as Merlot and Chardonnay.  Their apple pie, peach honey and other moonshines are sold in pig-shaped bottles reminiscent of original 1800s glass bottles.

With vintage farm pieces and rustic artwork, the indoors and patios are as beautiful as can be. Enjoy a farm-to-table, French-style country meal at the Foxfire Restaurant. Wine and Spirits tastings can be scheduled in a private or public room, and there is live music on the weekends. The menu is varied and offers their selection of homemade wines.

With this meal, you can support local produce as Heston Farm grows their own herbs and vegetables to incorporate into the dishes.  The grapes in the wines are from the farm and neighbors in the Shenandoah Valley.

Heston Farm maintains an atmosphere of tradition and pride.  Their music, their art, their wines, and land all create that familiar feeling as you walk in and sit down.

Discover more at www.hestonfarm.com