How to be Crafty

Marion Countians like to celebrate, and everyday there is something to celebrate! From chocolate to pets to red hair, there is no lack of good things. And today is no different: It’s National Creativity Day!

In honor of that, I’ve written a little something to help you celebrate the occasion right.

How to be Crafty:

Get a long trench coat (Matrix-style). Read Oliver Twist all the while taking notes on the Artful Dodger. Become a loaner. Carry a duffel bag.

That’s one way to go, but here in Marion County we strive for the opposite. When we use such an adjective (crafty, creative), we’re talking about talented, imaginative artists … and the people who try really hard but have absolutely no skill. (Bless their hearts.)


painting class

Mountain Creative hosting a family function

Mountain Creative: The name alone speaks volumes. As a creative outlet for mountain people, otherwise known as West Virginians, the space offers pottery painting, pottery lessons to perfect your sculpting technique and pottery parties. If there ends up being some kind of a struggle with a paintbrush that ends poorly, you can bow out gracefully and purchase some of the local art sold there.


Classes at West Fork Pottery

Classes at West Fork Pottery

West Fork Pottery: Take some classes from a bearded hipster and learn the trade. And if you seem to make less than quality pieces, don’t worry. There are plenty of beard-crafted mugs and such. It’s so local, it was made just ten feet away. An added bonus: the pottery classes are right inside the Joe n’ Throw. It’s a coffee shop with local beans roasted locally by a different, still local, bearded guy.


kids painting

Kindervibes Class at Nativibes


Nativibes: To perfect your painting, this art studio and gallery will inspire and teach you. Learn watercolor basics, plan a date or paint some rocks. It’s a place to ‘explore your weird,’ as their catchphrase encourages.


woman painting a table

Chock Painting project

Arts & Antiques Marketplace: Put that creativity to good use here by up-cycling old, worn furniture. Perfect your childhood chalk painting technique and learn new styles from experts before or after shopping around the three floors of antique delights. Once your furniture is reimagined, start on the decor. Take a painting class and decorate your home with your own art of landscapes, animals and just about anything you can think of.


art studio

Our Studio WV

Our Studio WV: Discover all that art has to offer at Our Studio, where you can do more than paint and draw – you can also weld. But don’t forget the kids! Art camps are happening all the time for little ones to participate in the … craft (get it?!).

Sew Chic: If you want to know what 3,000 bolts of fabric looks like, this is the place to go. Plus, they have embroidery design software, the perfect combination of way back when and right now. They also offer books and classes (probably for those less technologically-inclined folks).

Fabric and Foam: The perfect complement to Sew Chic, Fabric and Foam provides the finishing – or beginning – touches to most projects, the majority being fabric-and-foam-related. Tulle, netting, foam and broadcloth are all words the lovely ladies at Fabric and Foam know.

Craft Connection: If you are the one rarity of a person with no knack for the art of creativity, then you need to check out Craft Connection. It fulfills all the artsy aspects without you lifting a finger – or building up the courage to go near that aggressive paintbrush again. With hundreds of decorative pieces, country chic is within your grasp.

Now that you have some idea how to celebrate the day, get out there! Find your craft and get creative!

What is your creative outlet of choice?

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