Marion County’s Quintessential Diners

2 women sitting in high back chairs in front of large windows

Books. Coffee. Notebook. Is there anything else you could possibly need for a new school year?

Actually, yes.

School is officially in session and that means it’s time to get into what I like to call Rory Gilmore Mode (pre-Netflix season, of course). Aside from books, checklists, and classes, there’s just one more thing you need for a successful Chilton-like school year.

You’ll need a Luke’s. That’s right, Luke’s Diner was a great place for eating massive amounts of delicious food, studying, reading and sharing heartfelt conversation. Essentially what I’m saying to you is to find the quintessential diner. And Marion County has quite a few!

McAteers: This one is great for the college kids, seeing as how it is right across the street. Get your steps in before settling in for a morning or afternoon study session – with steak fries, popcorn shrimp and the oh-so-necessary cup o’ joe.

Broken Egg: This is a Marion staple (much like Al’s Pancake World). Get a good ol’ fashioned burger, a ham and cheese omelet and vegetable lo mein. Didn’t expect that last one, did you? There’s also chicken curry, fried rice… with an egg roll, too. (Maybe just order all of it. In the spirit of the Gilmore Girls, why not?!)

8th Street Confectionery: Long day at school? Stressed for the test tomorrow? 8th Street is your home away from home. Have a hearty dinner before hitting the books. What’s for dinner? Comfort food galore: homemade mac and cheese, meatloaf, Italian burgers and massive slices of white chocolate peanut butter pie, butterscotch pie and strawberry delight.

Cafe Diem: This is the afternoon study spot. Get your homework done with mac and cheese, french toast, a breakfast mess (yes, it’s quite the mix of everything!) or black forest cherry cake.

Work Day Cafe: Conversation and catching up with good friends, old friends, and new friends is an essential part of a successful school year, aside from studying and going to class, of course. Work Day has the perfect dishes to supplement your friendships: Belgian waffles, portabella sandwiches and a side of delicious.

Classics Cafe: You can’t have a quintessential diner/study spot without the quintessential diner fare. Reubens, corned beef, and bagel sandwiches might be the easiest to eat while getting to your next class.

The Little Red Hen: Grab a cup of tea, a sticky bun, and a big, comfy chair and hit the books! It’s the perfect place to complete your Gilmore Girls’ Book List.  

Consider your diner needs met.

What’s your favorite studying/eating/hanging out spot?


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