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We’ve all been there. You’re at a family gathering or hanging out with friends at a picnic and the topic of fishing comes up. As your peers start gesturing with their hands the size of their catches, you have to stop and question the legitimacy of their stories. If only there was a way to see the true size of the fish for yourself. Well, now there is! Beau Robinson is an avid angler who takes serious pride in the outdoor sport of fly fishing. So much so that not only has he created a proprietary fishing net, but he is now opening a new fly fishing store right here in Fairmont! Natives Fly Fishing is Marion County’s only one-stop-shop for everything you need to hit the water, including Robinson’s patented fishing net.

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Catch Cam Nets 

Natives Fly Fishing store isn’t Robinson’s first business venture into the fly fishing industry; in 2012 he started pursuing an idea he calls “Catch Cam Nets”. Robinson wanted a way to capture photos and videos of the fish he catches; he tried several camera mounts on the end of his fishing net, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, a few pieces of duct tape and a GoPro did the trick. Upon further research, Robinson discovered no products of this nature existed on the market, so Robinson decided to pursue the idea, and thus Catch Cam Nets was born.

So what exactly is a Catch Cam Net? Patented by Robinson, Catch Cam Nets have a unique design that allows fishermen to capture the moment while out on the water. Equipped with a camera mount, anglers can mount a GoPro to the end of their net to catch the action up close. “It is the easiest way to carry a camera and get high-quality content while fishing” Robinson explains. But this fishing necessity doesn’t stop there! Catch Cam Nets are designed with interchangeable handles to allow for different lengths and styles. “Catch Cam Nets are more than just the average fishing net; our nets are durable and will last forever.”

The product launched in 2014 and since then has been well received throughout the fishing community. As of writing this, Catch Cam Nets has almost 10,000 supporters on social media outlets. This continued success of the product sparked Robinson to indulge deeper into the fly fishing industry and open his very own store in Fairmont, Natives Fly Fishing.

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Hit The Water

Located at 1515 Fairmont Avenue in Fairmont, Natives Fly Fishing is a new addition to the Marion County repertoire of unique local businesses. Packed full of everything you might need to hit the water, the shop has rods, reels, flies, nets, apparel, hats, and bags. Robinson is offering a wide variety of American made products that are the best in the industry. “Everything I carry is American made, I don’t carry any indie industry products. I like to support other guys like myself and I personally know the owner of every company in my shop” Robinson explains. With a plethora of equipment and gear all fairly priced, Natives is a one-stop-shop for everything you might need to hit the water.

Speaking of, the store is conveniently placed at the confluence of both the Tygart and West Fork Rivers, which form the Monongahela River right here in Fairmont. These are two incredible fisheries for smallmouth bass and muskie; which is the primary niche for Natives Fly Fishing. Also tucked away in the Marion County waters is an abundance of Brook trout, which is the West Virginia State Fish. 

Moving forward, Robinson and his crew hope to create a community of like-minded anglers to enjoy the wonderful fishing opportunities that Marion County has to offer. 

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Cultivating A Community 

Robinson’s goal is to establish more than a fly fishing shop in Fairmont, but rather spark a community movement. Conservation efforts and the importance of keeping local waters and the overall environment is a big goal of Robinson. In the state of our current climate, it is more important than ever to protect our environment, and having a group of likeminded outdoorsmen is a great step in the right direction. In addition to local conservation efforts, Robinson really wants to give back the community and fisheries and enjoy doing something he loves. 

Starting in the new year, Robinson hopes to branch out to host community-oriented events. A few times a month, classes will be hosted in the small gazebo directly behind the shop that is currently under construction. Guided fly fishing trips are also scheduled to start-up in the spring as well. So if you’ve never cast a line before, Natives will offer a variety of introductory-level courses to get you familiar with the sport before hitting the water.

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Where To Cast

So you’ve got your camera mounted on your net, a new reel with all the apparel your heart could desire, and the new-found knowledge of how to catch that monster fish you’ve been dreaming of, but what’s next? Robinson explained a few of the best places in the area to fish leading off with the Tygart River. “Floating from Tygart Lake, the Tygart River is the best place in Marion County to fly fish.” He further explained how directly before Valley Falls is an excellent spot to catch smallmouth bass in and around the rocks. Finally, the West Fork River is a phenomenal fishery, but be warned, it is hard to time the fish quite right. So what are you waiting for? It is time to hit the water!

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