It’s Picnic Season in Marion!

man and woman sitting outside on large rocks in the woods having a picnic

The sun is here! And with the sunny sunshine comes a new season: picnic season.

This time of year is celebrated all over the world in different ways, but with a few vital concepts in common: food, friends, and family.

But before you grab a sandwich and head outside, there are a few things you should know:

people sitting at a picnic table under a pavilion

Picnic tables are everywhere!

  • Morris Park: Picnic along the 1.3 miles of paved trail or meander onto the woodland paths.
  • Valley Falls State Park: Picnic at the tables or out on the rocks.
  • East Marion Park: Near the pool or near the playground, either way, you’ll be in close proximity to the fun.
  • Mary Lou Retton Park: There’s some coal history here, some playgrounds and perfect picnic spots.
  • Pricketts Fort State Park: Picnic around the fort or down by the pond with the duckies.

Consider renting a space for all that food, all those friends and all that family:

Valley Falls State Park has more than beautiful rocks and picnic tables. Consider a massive pavilion near all the fun trails.
East Marion Park has multiple pavilions to choose from for your massive family.
Hough Park: Enjoy the playground, the pool or the Buffalo Creek that lazily runs alongside the park

Stay safe

Aside from food and family, you know what else is important?

  • Your skin. Get the purest sunscreen around from Health Naturally. It’s good for the whole family!
  • Water. Don’t just stay safe, but stay hydrated. Speedway Market sells West Virginia spring water – how perfect for just such a season!

deli sandwich with stuffed olive on side

Don’t forget… the food!

  • Health Naturally has quinoa chips, two-ingredient chocolate sauce, kombucha drinks, and more healthy picnic foods.
  • Get some sandwiches made at Hermosilla’s Deli. You’ve got your pick: Italian bomb, corned beef, Rajin Cajun and more delicious and portable sandwiches.
  • Grab some snack food, trail mix, and shareable chocolate treats and candies at Creekside Country Market. A picnic never has been as sweet!
  • Stock up on fruit and veggies at Speedway Market. Dates, apples, jams and Ezekiel Bread are perfect picnic possibilities.
  • Want a traditional West Virginian Picnic? Pepperoni rolls at Little Red Hen Bakery are prepared fresh daily along with sweet baked goods.

Cart the food around with beautiful baskets from…

  • Tuscan Sun Spa doesn’t have baskets per se, but they do have nice totes that will get the job done.

There are those unfortunate people who aren’t into picnicking but rather eating outside. The difference is in the preparation…

  • Short Story Brewing will prepare your beer and Street Food Kitchen will prepare your food as you relax on the patio.
  • You don’t need to leave Marion for outsiders’ craft beer. The Rambling Root has it all plus a patio!
  • Maybe you like patios but not beer? Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant will make you daiquiris and margaritas to sip outside.

man in shorts and t-shirt standing outside with a dog by an ice cream counter

But who needs alcohol when there’s ice cream?

  • Bring all the friends and family to The Poky Dot for a valiant attempt to demolish a massive shake or sundae before it melts on the patio.
  • Some people prefer all the ice cream while some people prefer weird ice cream. Eat Kettle Corn ice cream, Berry Patriotic, Chubby Elvis and Blue Panda out on Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station patio.
  • Ice cream isn’t the only refreshing summery picnic food to eat outside. Avalanches will also hit the spot. (Yes, Avalanches are technically (and literally) ice cream.) Dairy Creme Corner has strawberry shortcake, peaches and cream, banana split and Fruitty Pebbles.  

As you can see, we don’t want for picnic opportunities here in Marion! So grab a basket, some food and stake out a spot.

Where is your favorite picnic spot?

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