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How to enjoy Valentine's Day in Marion County

woman holding a glass of dark beer clinking glasses

What’s that smell? 


Love – it’s in the air. Or, is that the smell of pottery paints? Maybe it’s the scent of yogi serenity?

Regardless, there is definitely something fragrant in the air, and we’re certain it can help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day.

a man and woman painting mugs in a pottery studio

Plan the perfect day:

Mother/Son Valentine’s Ball – Feb 7

No need to wait all the way until Feb. 14 to start loving on all the loves in your life. Take your son, nephew, grandson, etc. to a Valentine’s Ball complete with games, dancing, and refreshments.

Galentine’s Day – Feb 13

Take the gals out for a lovely evening of art and chocolate…  lots of chocolate and lots of art!

Paint Date at Mountain Creative – Feb. 14

Reserve a spot at the Valentine’s Day Special Couples Paint Date. The package includes a two-hour reservation in the private party room with two pieces of pottery to paint (pick from plenty of options), a delectable dessert, a flower bouquet, and sparkling cider. Mountain Creative will do it all for you. You just have to show up.

Valentine’s Mugs – Feb. 15

You and your love can spend a private evening making drinking, snacking and making clay mugs. Mountain Creative does all the work; you just show up and play in the mud – I mean clay. 

Valentine’s Yoga – Feb. 15. 

Take this lovely holiday as an opportunity to open your heart through a heart-opening yoga sequence complete with music therapy for a deeper peace. 

Rail Trails/Parks – Feb. 14 or whenever the mood strikes

Nature has no schedule. Take your significant other on a beautiful stroll through Morris Park or any of the rail trails. Walkthrough Pricketts Fort to McTrail and steal a kiss under Meredith Tunnel

couple clinking cocktail glasses with plates of food on the table

Savor the perfect meal:

For an elegant dining experience, Aquarium Lounge is equipped with fine wines, seafood appetizers, and other fancy entrees to make this the best Valentine’s Day yet.

Backwoods at the Belmont will provide you with the most romantic atmosphere, delectable food, and delicious desserts. Enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries and dinner specials Valentine’s Day and weekend.

Wildflour has a sweet set-up. Aside from the adorable decor, they offer sweet bread pudding and homemade cakes after one of their romantic meals of salmon cakes and vegetable lasagna.

And afterward, stop by Short Story Brewing for a local beer, an evening of good conversation and, you know, the sense that you’ve made a genuine connection with another human being (guys, take your cues from Shawn Hunter).

Buy the perfect gift:

The age of Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and Rosemary Clooney- the most famous romantic voices of all time- were originally recorded on vinyl. Who would have thought that vintage could be so timeless? Get your romance for Valentine’s Day at Assumption Records

What could be more romantic than a bottle of fine honey wine? Mountain Dragon Mazery makes it local- the honey, the flowers, and the love.

You may not be able to put a price tag on relaxation, detoxification, and health, but you can put it on a gift card at SpaOasis. While you’re there, consider what could say Valentine’s Day better than perfume? Find healthy essential oil roll-ons in Passion, Peace, and Joy. 

You can’t pass up Valentine’s Day without at least looking at jewelry. Arts and Antiques Marketplace and Pawntique Emporium both have vintage jewels for a low cost whether that be a ring (wink, wink), necklace or bracelet. White’s Fine Jewelry provides a contemporary beauty with Pandora charms, Alex and Ani bracelets, Mariana Necklaces and Levian rings. 

woman putting on lipstick

Wear the perfect outfit:

Savvy Consignment offers name brand outfits and purses in an adorable boutique setting. 

Don’t forget make up for the inevitable and oh-so-essential couples pictures. Tuscan Sun Spa employees will perfectly match your skin tone and show you how to apply makeup from any of their brands. (Also consider a couple’s pedicure for playing footsie later.)

However, at the end of the day, regardless of what you choose to do, buy, eat or wear, the only thing that really matters is if you were with the one you love. Hopefully, Marion County can help make that happen. 

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

What plans do you have to celebrate with your special Valentine? 

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