Slurp Your Way Through Marion County One Bowl of Soup at a Time

cup of soup with cheese on top

Find your fall feels in Marion County. 

You’re wearing an oversized sweater. You’re wrapped up in a blanket. There’s a chill in the air and the smell of pumpkin spice. It’s warmth you’re after. What you need is some soup. 

Virginia may be for lovers, but Marion County is for soup lovers!

Find your match made in heaven at Carter’s Cafe. Get a seasonal soup and sandwich combo. Maybe something like broccoli cheddar, a grilled cheese sandwich, or chili and a pepperoni roll? Or, get everyone’s favorite soup and sandwich combo: soup inside a bread bowl. 

Italian wedding soup is kind of a big deal around here. What restaurant has Italian wedding soup made by a married Italian man? Mama Di Roma’s! For all you commitment-phobes, the minestrone is good, too.

Branch out from fall flavors for new fall favorites at Kumo Japan in the Middletown Commons. Get a deliciously simple clear soup with beef broth and scallions, a miso soup of soybeans and tofu, or a Tom Yum soup filled with Thai hot and sour veggies. 

Looking for a sweeter soup on those unseasonably warm fall days? DJ’s 50s and 60s Diner has just the soup! If it can’t be classified as a salad or sandwich, then it must be a soup, right? Right. Try a creamy cinnamon vanilla milkshake, a black raspberry milkshake, or an old-fashioned vanilla or root beer float!

It’s not just bowls of ice cream they make. Soup gets pretty serious at Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream & Food Station. Get a new take on flavor combos with their roasted red pepper and potato soup. Stick with the classic chicken noodle or get something heartier with the vegetable beef. Their soup options are endless!

Say-Boy Restaurant’s savory soups are as good as slurped up. Potato soup is basically a necessity right now. The roasted cauliflower soup is like a lighter, fancier version with the same cozy effect. Remember, surprise soups are a possibility with specified soups of the day and week!

Dutchman’s Daughter is a treasure trove of soup sippin’! Go traditional with homemade soup beans, and ham. Try their thick take on chili. Play it safe with their homemade vegetable soup, or sip dangerously. It toes the line between soup and entree: chicken and dumplings, also known as comfort in a bowl. 

Enjoy the process! Spend a relaxing evening inside making your own. Health Naturally has the rice, quinoa, and cheese for any healthy soup, while Speedway Market has the produce for it. Get some veg and vegetarian options for a tofu-y soupy season. 

Get comfy. Wear that oversized sweater and watch the leaves fall with a hot cup, bowl, or bread bowl of soup to sip and savor.

Find other hearty bowls at Muriale’s Italian Kitchen, Colasassanos, Aquarium Lounge, McAteer’s Restaurant, and Hermosilla’s Deli Market

What’s your favorite soup? 


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