Happy Soup Season!

10 great soups to enjoy this fall

cup of soup with cheese on top

Did you feel the cool, crisp air as you walked out to your car all bundled up with flannel, scarves, and boots?

You know what that means! It’s officially fall, y’all!

And fall means more than hipster apparel and fancy coffee drinks. I hope you haven’t forgotten the real reason for the season: Soup!

Stay warm in Marion by sipping sumptuous soups from all over the county:

Start with Muriale’s Minestrone, which is good for more than just alliteration. It’s veggies (health!), Italian sausage (deliciousness!) and Romano cheese (calcium!). Need I say more?

Get all your servings of veggies in at Three Ways Inn with their vegetable soup! Or, go for the baked french onion soup – always get it with cheese because, well, why wouldn’t you?

Roasted red bell pepper soup sounds great, but protein is an important element of a meal. Always get your roasted red bell pepper soup at Aquarium Lounge, where chicken makes even the most delicious soup better.

Maybe you’d prefer a more Appalachian soup? Soup beans and ham with cornbread are yours for the eating as are homemade chicken and dumplings. Dutchman’s Daughter specializes in the perfect West Virginia fall: country comfort and coziness.

Backwoods at the Belmont is more into soups from around the states than local leanings. Feel like a Mainer (that’s a person from Maine!) with Lobster Bisque. Brunswick Stew is for those southern belles at heart. And then there’s New Orleans style gumbo for any Creole connoisseurs.

Get warm and fancy with Italian Wedding Soup at not one, but two Colasessano’s locations. So whether you’re cold in downtown Fairmont or cold in White Hall, you’ve got fancy Italian soup to warm you up!

Late fall in West Virginia means we’ll be needing some heartier soups to stay warm. The Poky Dot is the place to go for the most filling of soup selections, like potato soup and homemade double cheese chili.

Play soup roulette at Noteworthy Sweets. The menu changes day-to-day. Sounds like a high-risk soup outing, doesn’t it? It’s actually a no-risk soup outing (the term will catch on) because who doesn’t like roasted red pepper soup? Roasted tomato basil soup? Mushroom and wild rice?! And to go along with it is one very noteworthy roll – and by noteworthy, I mean ginormous and delicious.

Or surprise yourself at Little Red Hen Bakery where it’s important to note that all their paninis go great with the best place to get surprise soup.

In conclusion, stay warm, stay cozy and eat more soup.

Happy Soup Season!

Oh no… Is it ‘Merry Soup Season’? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.  

What’s your favorite soup?

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