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Each of our 50 states has its own food scene and quirky cuisine. Virginia has its ham.  Texas is king of BBQ. South Carolina serves up a mean bowl of grits. And maybe you’ve heard of West Virginia’s infamous pepperoni roll. But dig a little deeper, you will find flavors and traditions that are unique to Fairmont.

Colasessano’s  World Famous Pizza and Pepperoni Buns

Hmmm-wonder-how-Santa-can-stuff-a-couple-Colasessanos-pizzas-in-my-stocking-Maybe-a-gift-certificateCome and visit Colasessano’s for their famous signature pizza and pepperoni rolls. Colasessano’s (Colos to the locals) has been in business for more than sixty years, satisfying travelers and natives alike.

There is no other pizza like Colasessano’s!  The crust  is thick and fluffy, covered with a tangy sauce and smothered in cheese. You can add a variety of toppings, like banana peppers or sweet peppers that have been cooked down in a special tomato sauce – also locally made.

Try the nominated State Food, the pepperoni roll! First created in Marion County in the 1920’s, and virtually unheard of anywhere else.

However Colasessano’s has their own unique roll – commonly referred to as a pepperoni bun – that are very delicious and popular. The bun is first baked golden brown with sticks of pepperoni tucked inside. It’s then split, filled with their signature meat sauce, those special peppers, then topped with shredded provolone cheese. Then, heated again til the cheese is oozing. Absolutely delicious!

Of course, the pepperoni buns can be enjoyed plain, with cheese only, with sauce only, with sauce and cheese  . . .the combinations are endless.

They also have soups (great Italian wedding soup), salads, sandwiches and other Italian favorites on the menu. Be sure to save room for a homemade dessert or gelato.

Muriale’s Italian Restaurant

Can-you-think-of-a-better-place-than-MurialesRestaurant-to-celebrate-NationalMeatballDayMuriale’s is an unexpected find in Fairmont, WV. In 2015, the restaurant was named Family-Owned Small Business of the Year. You will also find this “Little Italy” listed in the “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia guide.

Its fine dining, superb Italian food, and lovely decor and atmosphere will have you coming back for more! Muriale’s and their friendly staff have provided excellent service and large tasty portions since 1969. Their speciality, meatballs and spaghetti are a favorite.

Another great pick is the asparagus salad. It is a combination of wonderful ingredients including olives, cheeses, balsamic onions, varieties of leaf lettuce, tomato and of course, asparagus.

You can dine inside or alfresco on the deck overlooking the Tygart River below.

Yann’s Hot Dog Stand

20160303_hotdogs_fairmont_yanns1Fairmont has a special little hot dog stand that seems to have been around as long as most of the town. At the end of the “Million Dollar Bridge” is Yann’s Hot Dogs – a Fairmont institution! Russell Yann has been serving up these delicious dogs and slinging hot chili sauce since the 1960’s.

It is known for having one of the area’s spiciest chili sauces around. The chili sauce is cooked for hours to get it to perfection.

You will find the walls covered with autographed pictures and funky signs that HEAVILY suggest that asking for ketchup is a huge no-no in this place. Russ believes in creating hot dogs the way that they were meant to be eaten: sauce, a few raw onions and a squirt of mustard. Nothing more, nothing less!

Poky Dot

Once you pull into the parking lot and see Poky Dot’s bright red This-is-how-PokyDotRestaurant-celebrates-NationalPancakeDayiconic British telephone booth and colorful polka dot guardrails, you know you are going to have a swinging time! In the warmer months, you can enjoy a meal or snack under a large colorful (umbrella) dot.

Poky Dot’s walls are an array of conversation and phenomenal pieces that truly capture the 50’s spirit. The walls are covered with handpainted,  fanciful figures of people you might find in a 50’s café, and continuous eccentric furniture, like their chairs with the backs made from spoons, or the pink fuzzy slippers hanging on the wall, to their “far out” carpet, and colorful Fiesta dishware.

Their most popular breakfast is the He-Man Breakfast  and was honored in 2010 July/August edition of Food Network Magazine as the best breakfast in West Virginia. The Poky Dot serves the He-Man on a (clean) garbage can lid because it’s so big. The meal features four eggs, four strips of bacon, two sausages, two sausage patties, four pancakes, two biscuits with sausage gravy, fried potatoes, toast and ham.  If you can polish off the goods in the allotted time, you can rock a Poky Dot He-Man sized T-shirt!

The diner also offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu. Try “The Poky Burger” with all the fixings or one of the popular wraps that feature a selection of steak, chicken, ham, turkey, or veggies.

The diner serves breakfast all day, but a visit would not be complete without indulging in one of the disproportionately large desserts. One of the most popular desserts is the banana split, a dish that uses one banana with 9 pounds of ice cream. It’s a dessert that is so large that it can be shared with the whole table – or eaten solo (we won’t judge)!

With big portions, great presentation, and an upbeat staff, it is no wonder The Poky Dot is also in the  “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia guide.

Dairy Creme Corner

@dairycremecorner-has-the-right-idea-this-NationalSoftIcecreamDay.-Stack-it-up-DCC-softserve-icecreaDairy Creme Corner is known for their fast, friendly service and boasts about serving “the biggest cones in town!” Their portion sizes are huge and the prices cheap!

DCC features an extensive menu of short order goodies. You name it, they got it: all sorts of cool treats, burgers, salads, hot dogs, philly cheese steaks, nachos, funnel cakes, and so much more!

Try one of their signature items like the Avalanche, which is their version of a Blizzard. They have a unique flavor combinations to choose from: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Birthday Cake Peanut Butter and Jelly, Hot Fudge Brownie, Cheesecake, Whatchamacallit, Peppermint Patty. If they don’t have an Avalanche you want, you can bring the ingredients and they can whip it up for you!

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try their Snow Biz – similar to shaved ice but with a special twist! They have over 20 flavors to choose from. Can’t decide! Ask for one made with multiple flavors

Debra Smith

Debra Smith

Their ice cream is so good, it has been nominated the Best Ice Cream in West Virginia by PBS Food, Trip Advisor, and by Spoon University.

We’re a small town with a mighty appetite! Which unique flavor will you try first?

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