American Heroes

WV has always been committed to country. Pay homage to our fallen heroes across the hills, and learn more about how war time has shaped our history.

Honor our bravest

Scenic Adventure

Rolling hills, tumbling Valley Falls, winding mountain trails. Get outside in Appalachia’s most diverse playground and enjoy the beauty of Marion County.

Ride the old rails

The KRF Rifle Exhibit

Learn more about this unique exhibit at Pricketts Fort, compiled by the Kentucky Rifle Foundation.

Look into the past

Pepperoni Rolls

One of our state’s best-kept secrets is right here in Marion County! The state food, the pepperoni roll was first baked right here. Learn why this regional favorite is such a treat.


Try the original

It's all about experience

What do you like to do when you travel? Marion County has plenty for any traveler to see and experience. Check out our most popular itineraries, which highlight not only what there is to see here, but also throughout our neighboring counties.

Explore Itineraries
What Our Visitors Say
  • 11061273_814171708673243_7748978056388068406_n Phil Phillips| May 7, 2015

    Beautiful building, filled with lots of great information and things to do around the county. Staff goes above and beyond their duty to assist in what is needed and wanted. Sometimes it is making a call and sometimes it is just looking things up online.

  • Tom Maltby| May 7, 2015

    Incredible resource for visitors and residents, amazingly helpful and kind folks doing great stuff for Marion County! Thanks so much!