8 Ways to Savor a Snow Day

Coffee and tea making supplies at Joe'n Throw

We are less than three weeks into the winter season. In Marion County we have already experienced some snow and freezing temperatures. For the coming week, the weather forecast is rain with mild temps but we’ll be seeing more of the white stuff soon enough.

Remember when you were a kid with the anticipation of a snow day. A whole day to do what you want. A freebie. If you are lucky enough, a day off from work. Oh the possibilities!

The key to making the most of a snow day is to plan ahead. Some prep work will have you doing the snow dance along with the school kids. There is no scientific evidence that wearing your clothes inside out will increase the chance of snow but hey, it can’t hurt!


Coffee and tea making supplies at Joe'n Throw

Coffee and tea making supplies at Joe’n Throw


1. Sip a hot cuppa
Not only does Joe ‘n Throw carry Stone Tower Joe coffee and Steven Smith Teamakers teas, they also sell all the accouterments you need to make your own piping hot beverages at home. Nothing better than starting the day sipping a mug of goodness while you watch the snow pile up outside.







WV Folklore at Kerri's Korner

WV Folklore at Kerri’s Korner


2. Read
Remember what it was like to read for fun? Not the must-reads for work or the quick scan of Facebook but the kind of reading that transports you to another time and place. You can stock up on all those books you have been meaning to read at Kerri Korner. Need some ideas? Just ask the staff for some recommendations.


natural cleaning supplies

Supplies for the home at Health Naturally


3. Cozy up your home
It may be hard to get excited about spending the day cleaning. But think about how great it will feel when you wake up to a clean and clean smelling house. However the last thing you need is to be cooped up in a house with harsh chemicals. Health Naturally carries cleaners, laundry detergents, candles, soaps and oils to step up the freshness game in a much gentler way. You can also pick up some healthy snacks so you don’t undo your New Year’s resolution already.






Skincare at Tuscan Sun Spa

Skincare at Tuscan Sun Spa


4. Tend to you
Maybe you want to catch up on your sleep. Why not take a nap? Maybe you want to catch up on your beauty routine. Why not give yourself a facial, your hair a deep-moisture masque or a nails some love? Maybe you want to simply unwind. Turn on some soft music and let your needs guide your day. Tuscan Sun Spa carries all the supplies you need for your at-home spa.




cooking with mead

Cooking with Mountain Dragon Mazery Fine Honey Wine

5. Wake up your taste buds
Before snuggling in for the day, stop by the store and pick up the needed ingredients for a good meal. Whether for cooking or sipping, today would be a good day to try a bottle (or two) of Mountain Dragon Mazery – Fine Honey Wine. Mead mulled with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and the like is a wintertime classic. Another fun option is mead slushies poured over fresh fallen snow. Mead makes a wonderful addition to fruit sauces for cooking, and can be very flavorful to deglaze with when sautéing savory ingredients as well. You’re gonna hate seeing the snow melt!




Knotted Blanket

No sew knotted blanket



6. Get crafty
Sew Chic is a sewer’s dream filled wall to wall with everything you need to complete your latest project(s). New to sewing or quilting? Check out their website for their class schedule or stop by and pick up some books so you can activate your inner quilter. If you want to start simple, why not make your own knotted blanket. You will feel warm and accomplished all in one.






Winter wear at Savvy Consignment

Winter wear at Savvy Consignment


7. Dress for success
The fastest way to end a perfectly good time outdoors to to get cold. Not only is it important to stay warm, but why not look stylish at the same time. Savvy Consignment has a great selection of outerwear to help with both. Whether you are in need of quilted vests, boots, scarves, or sweaters, Savvy Consignment can keep you toasty and within budget.




winery and distillery

Pinchgut Hollow Distillery and Heston Farm Winery



8. Be an armchair explorer
If winter and snow really isn’t your thing, then start planning your warm weather adventure. You’ll find some really cool itineraries at marioncvb.wpengine.com. Spend the day checking out the recreation opportunities around the region. If you are an architecture buff, then you’ll want to follow our Historic Architecture Tour. While sipping that glass of local wine, check out some of the mountain flavors on our Mountain Moonshine & More Tour. Delve into these and other themed itineraries that highlight the tastes, sounds and sights of the region.





May your snow day be restorative and magical!


What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day?

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