A Valentine Year: How to keep the romance all year long

couple clinking cocktail glasses with plates of food on the table

Relationships aren’t always easy. You have to communicate. You have to care. You have to be considerate. You do these things, not just one day a year but every day of every season of every year. 

Maybe you were able to pull off an amazing Valentine’s Day this year for your beloved. Maybe you completely forgot about it and didn’t plan anything. Either way, one day does not make or break a relationship. Let Marion County help you grow your love any day of the year!

a man and woman wearing white overalls covered in paint splatters

You forgot Valentine’s Day, and she’s mad? You snapped at him, and you feel bad?

  • You and your significant other need to let off some steam at Mountain Creative’s paint room. Splatter it everywhere – including on each other! 
  • On a rainy day, you can still shoot your shot at ATR Performance’s indoor shooting range. 

Remember your love in the little things… like what’s their favorite drink? 

  • Does your love love beer? Go to the grand opening of Stumptown Ale’s new Fairmont location! Opening date is set for April 1, 2023. 
  • Wine? Try MonValley Vineyards’ Grandpap Joe, An Alicante, and Muscat blend, or maybe the Drago Blanc, an interesting sauvignon blanc with dragon fruit, or a raspberry lemon moscato. Upcoming wines will include Montepulciano, Triple Berry Blend and a Winter Blend.
  • Coffee? The Joe has what you need, from sugary drinks to strong, bold Americanos and everything in between.
  • Honey wine? You’re in luck! Marion County has the Mountain Dragon Mazery, one of the few mazeries worldwide. Made with local honey and botanicals, honey wine, also known as mead, will surely garner some points. 
  • Tea? Take a mini-road trip to Mannington, talk, laugh, and listen to some tunes before getting to BerTeas, Marion’s first tea shop!

A cute couples’ activity can help endear you even more to your love. 

  • Marion’s new candy store, Candylicious, has it all! Chocolate, sugar, old-time and new candy creations fill the space. Take this opportunity to practice thinking about one another. You put together a bag of candy you think she’ll love, and she can make a bag of candy for you!
  • With the frenzy of life, one rare activity couples get to enjoy is just relaxing together. Carve out an hour for a couples massage at Tuscan Sun Spa.

Try something new and do what he loves! Do what she loves!

  • Marion’s new arcade, Arcad-O-Mania (appropriately named, believe us), is a time machine for the coolest games of your youth!
  • Main Street Yoga is a fun and relaxing way to move and learn together. They have everything you need there!

man and woman being served by a male waiter in a restaurant

Couples who eat together stay together.

  • Quickly put together a cute picnic using Hermosilla’s Deli Market’s already prepared and delicious deli creations. Take a little walk at Morris Park, find a good spot, and spend a delicious afternoon together.  
  • Does your beau love Italian food? A fancy dinner? The fanciest place in Marion is Muriale’s Italian Kitchen: a perfect place for a romantic date night. Or nothing like drinks and dinner at Aquarium Lounge to keep the spark going
  • Keep it classic. Beer Burger Bowery has a varied menu of all kinds of burgers and sandwiches. Plus, they’ve got great french fries.

Are you in really hot water? It might be time to take out the big gun.

  • White’s Fine Jewelry has unique necklaces, dainty tennis bracelets, and beautiful watches to show your love for him or your love for her.
  • Or maybe an overnight stay in one of Marion’s cozy vacation rentals will help get you back on track.

No matter how you say it, whether it be quality time, something expensive, or something thoughtful, let your special guy or gal know just how you feel – every day of the year! Heart Emoji Meanings: Color Matters


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