Five Fab Finds from Feathered

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Five Fab Finds from Feathered

If you’re a fan of that vintage “Mad Men,” ModCloth look, you will fall in love with Feathered, where heritage is everything.20150505_172902_resized

Quinn Edgell of Fairmont, originally from Doddridge County, and her cousin, Shalayna Pulice of Salem, have turned their passion for fashion, shopping and spending time together into a brand. Feathered specializes in high quality, vintage items from the 1920s through the early 1990s. Quinn and Shalayna search out clothing and accessories from many different categories and upcycle dated pieces.

“Our rule of thumb is if we wouldn’t wear it, we don’t buy it; so it is very much selfishly our personal style translated into a store,” Quinn says. “Feathered items always garner compliments. They’re different and they’re made well. We’re just into special clothes. If something makes us swoon and get excited about fashion, that’s what we handpick for Feathered.”

placemats   Feathered also offers a limited home collection. “We do a small run of home décor items, and I’m a luggage fanatic, so we always have luggage for  sale,” Quinn says. “They’re great for storage in your home.”

For the past two years, the Bridgeport Farmers Market in Harrison County and the online shopping site, Etsy, have been Feathered’s main venues.    Through Etsy, Feathered has sold to customers in Japan and Sweden.

“We once had a Coach designer buy a piece for inspiration for a Coach accessory, so that was pretty cool,” Quinn says.

Now with the opening of the Arts & Antiques Marketplace in downtown Fairmont, shoppers can meet Feathered in person and try on clothes in the fitting room. The storefront opportunity allows Quinn and Shalayna to keep their day jobs and still live their dream.

The homegrown fashion duo emphasize local, local, local.

“When we do photo shoots, we use local photographers and local models that we hand select that we think embody the Feathered image that we’re building. Even the clothes that we buy to resell come from local people and local department stores like Broida’s of Clarksburg,” Quinn says.

In fact, much of their inventory comes from the families of local residents who have left fashion legacies in personal collections. And shopping vintage is green, a way to reduce your carbon footprint.

So, what’s the best way to incorporate Feathered into your personal style? Here are five fab finds from Feathered at the Arts & Antiques Marketplace with commentary from Quinn:

  1. 1960s Candy Pink Jewelry Box with Pink Velvet Lining, $24 – “It’s a great gift item, a great way to corral your items on your dresser so you have a chic, presentable jewelry boxlook.”
  2. 1950s Peach Coral Taffeta Party Dress, $70, size S to M– “I never buy pieces unless they could be worn today. To me it’s very reminiscent of what you would see in Ann Taylor or J. Crew or Banana Republic right now for upwards of $200. This is an authentic 1950s piece handmade with excellent craftsmanship. It’s perfect for a party or graduation.” For $12, you can add a vintage studded belt to add some sparkle.
  3. 1970s Southwestern Print Placemats, $20 for the set—“This is really in right now. If you want to dress up your table or your patio with some succulents or some gemstones and use these placemats, they are very on trend right now. They would be at Urban Outfitters for probably $50.” Pair them with 1970s straw placemats for a fun, free vibe. “You also could string them together as a whimsical garland for above your bed.”
  4. 1960s Rhinestone and Silk Jackie O Sheath Dress, $65, size S—“It’s very classic. I love this dress. I feel like it would be perfect for a bridal shower or cocktail party.”
  5. High Rise Shorties, $30-$36, variety of sizes, every pair is one-of-a-kind—“They are our best seller all summer long. We call them festival shorties or high rise shorties. We hunt down old high rise Levis from yard sales and Goodwills and deconstruct them for you. It’s actually a three-step process. We use sandpaper, box cutters, stones, dremels and then send them through the wash twice. Our signature cut is our Daisy Duke cut, so they have a 2-inch inseam and are higher on the sides to give you an elongated leg look. We leave them longer in the back, though, so there’s no risk of being inappropriate. A lot of moms come for our shorts because their daughters can’t wear the festival shorts from American Eagle.”

For more information about Feathered, e-mail or visit their Facebook page.. The Arts & Antiques Martketplace, 205 Adams Street, is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. The store phone number is (304) 534-8980.


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