Mountain Dragon Mazery

Honey Wine (aka MEAD) is here!

Mt Dragon There’s a new taste in town and it’s Mountain Dragon Mazery. Owners Tom Maltby and his wife, Ruthann have sweetened the pot of Fairmont with their fine handcrafted honey wines.  Yes, that’s right, honey wine!  No grapes needed here!

With over 30 hives in Catawba, right here in Marion County’s own back yard, Tom and Ruthann bring it straight from the comb to your glass (with a little fermenting in between). The  mazery offers a wonderful selection of eight honey wines or as the Vikings and old-timers used to call it . . . MEAD!

Basic mead is made of honey, water and yeast. Dating back to almost 7000 B.C., mead has held an important place in a variety of cultures, especially our own.

 Check out Mountain Dragon Mazery’s video on their website provided by WV Motion Works!

Deeply rooted in mythology and poetry, mead has been referred to as the drink that will turn any old drinker into a poet or scholar. But good news! You don’t have to like poetry to love this drink!

While Mountain Dragon Mazery does offer mead in its most simplistic form, they also have created some of the most unique wines on the market by pairing honey with special ingredients. Black Cherry, Rose Petals and Mulberry are to name a few. Tom and Ruthann have even gone so far to satisfy coffee lovers with their one of a kind Café Monteverde.

Another fact that makes Mountain Dragon Mazery so incredible is that they use natural cork to cap all of their bottles.

In case you didn’t know, cork trees (which are actually an oak) are becoming more and more endangered – not because of overproduction but because of the decreased use of their beautiful bark. Bottlers are using synthetic cork, twist caps or (gulp) wine in a box because of the cost savings. Thankfully many in the wine industry are reverting back to natural cork. If the trees have a purpose then they won’t be cut down.

So while you’re sipping on some delicious honey wine, feel good knowing that you’re giving back to the world by supporting two sustainable resources – honey and cork!

Now it’s your turn to “bee” happy. Stop by the Mazery at 1516 Morgantown Avenue for a tasting, tour, or enjoy special promotions.

Typically, the Mazery is open Thursdays from 4-7 p.m. But if you are going to be in the neighborhood at any time during the week, give them a call to arrange a private tasting (304) 534-8716IMG_2431

The Mazery will also be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They will be open 3-8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17th so be sure to wear your green and remember . . . mead is more Irish than green beer!

Looking for other ways to commemorate your visit to Mountain Dragon Mazery, they also sell tank tops, short and long sleeved tees and wine (make that mead) bags to told that delicious honey elixir.

Mountain Dragon Mazery wines can also be purchased at Slight Indulgence in Morgantown.

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