The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Fun in Marion County

Row of 1980's-style arcade games

When the weather outside is frightful, being indoors is so delightful — especially in Marion County! 

The seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder, which can make outdoor activities a little less pleasant for some…many…ok, most of us. When it’s raining, pouring, snowing or freezing, you know you can still have a good time here. Let’s show you… 

two men playing pin ball at an arcade

When you think of a lumberjack, you think flannel, beards, log fires, you know, warmth.  Get warm at LumberjAxe! It’s an indoor ax throwing space with beer, snacks and axes. Go there for date night, parties, team building and general indoor fun (for anyone 8 years old and up). Grab a pizza cone (it’s like a pizza but in an ice cream cone) and hone a new skill! Check out their FAQs before you go to have the perfect indoor experience. If you love it, consider being an axelete! An axelete is an athlete in LumberjAxe ax throwing league. It starts in November, but you can go get practice anytime!

Another new spot for your indoor pleasure is Arcade-O-Mania, which makes it sound like some sort of 80’s gaming place. And it is! Play your favorite games from way back when and a few from not so way back. There’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donkey Kong, The Simpsons, Galaga, Frogger, X-Men, Pac-Man and so much more! Remember everything that’s old is new again; it’s how trends work! So bring your quarters, some friends, kids or significant other, and play to your child-at-heart’s content!

Take the outside and bring it inside – minus the weather. That’s just what The Turn has done. The Turn is an indoor (obviously) golf simulator that will help you keep up your skills through good weather and especially bad. Come on a date, with the kids, with some friends or yourself and get ready to impress at the country club next season!

woman bowling with lights glowing in lanes

Sometimes you just need a classic. Fairmont Bowling Center offers the classic indoor activity with lots of food, lanes and perfect prices. Fairmont Bowling Center also has pinball, pool tables, air hockey and black light glow bowling (after 10 p.m.). If you want to get somewhat serious about it, there are bowling leagues almost any night of the week! If you want to get your youngster started early, go to Saturday morning’s youth bowling events. For older youngsters, Fairmont State students get special pricing, which is basically a steal! Another great venue for parties and special events, you can even reserve a lane on New Year’s Eve!

While Skate-A-Way is closed for renovations, a new roller skating rink will open soon Retro Skate is so much more than what it sounds! They’ll have bounce attractions, dancing, music, food, drinks and, of course, roller skating. As they say, “Remember back when the idea of a wild night out was skating in circles while a DJ played music?” Come have a wild night out at Retro Skate! 

It’s not as active as the previous places listed, but some people prefer a slower pace. That’s where Mountain Creative comes in! Have a seat, talk with friends and paint some pottery inside, warm, dry and out of the weather.

No matter your age, skill or speed, you’ll have fun indoors in Marion County. Come escape the weather with us! 

Where is your favorite indoor place to play in Marion? 

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