On the Wings of a…Football

Super Bowl XLVIII

Are you ready to PLAY! Are you ready to GET PUMPED! Are you ready to WIN!

Are you ready for… FOOTBALL!

Check list:

Got the annoying caps lock on (check)

Got the excitement (check)

Got the enthusiasm (check)

Got the appropriate team shirt (uhhh…?)

Now… who’s got the wings?

I’ll tell you who’s got ’em- Marion County, baby! Shout out!

Here you have your pick of places for FANtastic football food: Classic American, Traditional Italian or Authentic Mexican.

Go in and watch the game, or get yours to go at Hoops! (For the eastsider, try Hoops East.)

Combine your American and coal-mining Italian heritages. Watch western football while eating your fancy-schmancy Italian wings from Colasessano’s!

Last, and only for winners, feel the heat of the game in your mouth with Wings Ole cayenne wing sauce!

Regardless of whether you’re a Broncos fan or a Seahawks fan, you may partake in the winged festivities. Seahawks have wings, right? If you’re for them, celebrate with a vital characteristic of their mascot. If you’re against them, eat them!

Truly, both teams have a chance at this Super Bowl of firsts. Either team could win the first Super Bowl to be played outside in the cold; either one could win the first Super Bowl to be hosted by two states. It’s anyone’s game.

After all, aren’t we all just wingin’ it? Scared to try our wings, hoping that someone who has been in our shoes will take us under their wing. Just livin’ on a wing and a prayer. But now is the time to spread your wings and… eat them?

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