Gadgets of Marion County Geocaching Trail

Exploring the Middle of Everywhere with Geocaching!

Welcome to Marion County West Virginia, the middle of everywhere! The ‘Gadgets of Marion County’ geocaching trail is designed to bring you to the most unique places the county has to offer all while challenging you to complete tasks, solve puzzles, or otherwise engage with unique gadgets. Fifteen special gadget-style geocaches will be placed around the county for you to discover; built and placed with the help of local area cachers Killlerbee and Troopbiz. After completing 14 of the 15 geocaches on the tour and exploring everything Marion County has to offer, stop by our visitor center (GC9CY1G) to claim a FREE custom coin, trackable at!

These fifteen geocaches will have players traveling all over the county visiting scenic spots, historical locations, local businesses and so much more. From Valley Falls State Park to Curtisvillle Lake, to Short Story Brewing, and everywhere in between, this tour showcases everything Marion County has to offer. Not only are the locations superb, but the caches are second to none. This trail features two SMART caches, a night cache, a high terrain adventure, and so many well-designed containers that will leave you screaming … HOLY COW!

Special permission has been granted for the placement of every cache so you can rest assured you won’t have any problems here! In fact, most of the local owners were so thrilled to host a geocache on their property, they might even come out to say hello! We are so thankful for all the great local businesses that have granted us permission to place these one-of-a-kind geocaches for you to enjoy! Take a moment to stop at each location and look around, you never know what you might discover in the middle of everywhere!

So you’re ready to get started, what’s next? If you need a refresher on the rules of the game, we strongly encourage you to check out our previous geocaching tour:

Inside each of the fifteen geocaches is a code word you will need to record to verify you found the geocache. Before you get started you’ll need a playing card to write down all of your answers throughout your journey. You can download your playing card HERE or visit the Marion County Visitor Center to pick up a copy. Once you have found 14 of the 15 geocaches, you can bring this card back to the visitor center to claim your FREE trackable geocoin. (Coins can be mailed upon special request; email a copy of your passport to



GMC #1: Just Visiting

GMC #2: The Bee’s Knees

GMC #3: Dots

GMC #4: Soarin’

GMC #5: Coal Mining Heritage

GMC #6: On Tap

GMC #7: Adventure Is Out There (Very challenging terrain)

GMC #8: At The Round-Up

GMC #9: Honoring Our Veterans

GMC #10: Pleasant Valley Periscope

GMC #11: Killler Kuckoo Klock 2


GMC #13: Bitter Pill

GMC #14: Electronic Library

GMC #15: Fishing In The Dark (Night cache)

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