Grab ‘n Go ‘n Marion

interior photo of an American-Italian deli

From fancy to retro and everything in between, Marion County has some great spots to go to eat. The only catch is that you can’t be moving here, there and everywhere. 

Here in America not everyone has the time to sit down and eat. Sometimes you have to nourish yourself when and how you can, and that’s where Marion County’s grab n’ go spots can help you out in a pinch. If you don’t have the forethought to order ahead or call for take out, you can grab n’ go from one of the many conveniently delicious places on this list.

For a quick meal:

man in white apron holding a tray of baked pepperoni rolls

The Grazing Goat Charcuterie: It’s the newest grab n’ go in Marion! It’s like lunchables for adults. Get charcuterie with meats and cheeses, salads, fruit, biscotti and cookies from Begonia Cookie Company! 

Country Club Bakery: It might be the oldest grab n’ go in Marion! Get pepperoni rolls, all kinds of bread, Oliverio’s Peppers, cookies (like chocolate chip with fudge, peanut butter, raspberry filled and quite a few more!) and pies (like apple nut, peach, pineapple and more!). 

The Joe: Aside from getting a delicious coffee drink — americanos, lattes, cold press and more — you can grab breakfast or lunch. The case is almost always filled with muffins, bagels, desserts, sides, wraps and salads for the hardworking and fast moving crowd.

Hermosilla’s Deli Markett: Have a professionally made sammich in a matter of minutes! Try the regular Italian or the Italian Bomb! Maybe the Salad Sandwich or the Kickin’ Roast Beef? The world is your submarine! Pair any of their delicious subs with chips, jerky, salad and/or cannoli!

Yann’s: It might be the most well known grab n’ go in Marion. Get your hotdogs with the extra special sauce (and chocolate milk) early before they sell out! Remember, don’t ask for ketchup. Note the massive sidewalk crossing made of of NO Ketchup signs! It’s absolutely forboden.

The Miller’s Daughter: If you’re hangry in Mannington, you’re in luck! The Miller’s Daughter has snack options and meal options. Get a soup and sandwich, pasta salad, even bratwurst — all made to go! Or go for something snackier like a pumpkin or cake roll, Amish soda and any of the delicious Amish-style bulk foods. 

For a quick snack:pile of organic snacks

The Groove: Sometimes you need a little caffeine with your snack. Consider Spice Spice Baby filled with organic cardamom, cinnamon and ginger syrups. Add a locally made muffin, scone, groovy cookie or fancy chocolate bar for the ultimate snack!

Health Naturally: If you need a healthy snack, pop in and get granola bars made with whole foods, a low sugar soda and some healthier-for-you chips. You can get some grocery shopping done, too!

Speedway Market: Fresh is the name of the game. Grab a couple apples, dates and some seasonal fudge! You can get your vegetarian grocery shopping done here, too!

DeMary’s Market: You’ll find sweet and savory here! Get a sweet treat like a container full of peanut brittle, orange slices or chocolates. While you’re there, go ahead and pick up some meat for a delicious dinner later!

Creekside Country Market: here are plenty of ready made containers filled with Amish-style deliciousness! Grab specialty meats and cheeses like roast beef and Havarti or bacon encrusted turkey and smoked hot pepper cheese. There are also pepperoni rolls ready to be grabbed and got! 

What’s your favorite grab ‘n go snack?

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