Marion CVB Postcard Contest

woman taking a photo of waterfalls

We’re looking for Spring/Summer photos to feature in a new postcard collection for the Marion County CVB, and we need your help! Upload or tag your best scenic spring and/or summer photos to be entered for a chance to win a gift card and have your photo featured in our new postcard collection.

What to Enter:
We’re looking for beautiful photos that highlight the sights of Marion County:
• Downtown Streetscapes
• Scenic Landscapes
• Exciting Activities
• Notable Landmarks
• The Arts

And sorry, no selfies. We know you’re cute, but this contest is all about the sights of Marion County, so turn the camera around and shoot away.

The Rules:
1. To enter, tag the photo(s) you wish to enter on social media (Facebook or Instagram) with #MyMarionWV. Be sure your social share settings are set appropriately so we can see your entry.
2. You must own the photo you submit; we cannot accept images that you do not own the rights to.
3. If there are people included in your photo, you must request their permission to enter the image in the contest. Winning images will require a signed talent release from anyone in the shot.
4. Photos must be high-resolution (shot with a 12+ megapixel camera; most cell phones shoot 12 megapixels or above). Please note: edits made in apps may affect image resolution; if making edits, we recommend using professional photography software to maintain resolution integrity.
5. Each photographer retains all rights to any photographs submitted — including ownership, if applicable — other than the rights mentioned below.
6. Winning entries grant the Marion County CVB the following: a non-exclusive, irrevocable, non-expiring, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, and publicly display the winning photographs and the right to use your name in promotions and other publications.
7. The Marion County CVB will select winning entries based on the artistic nature of the shot, location, and uniqueness.

This is an ongoing contest through January 2023 as we hope to capture all four Marion County seasons.

Winners will receive a gift card valued at $250 and have their photo featured on a postcard for the Marion County CVB with photo credits listed (if desired).

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