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Thrifting in Marion County

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What was once a joke is now reality. 

Music note I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got $20 in my pocke-et. I’m I’m I’m huntin’ lookin’ for a come up this is freaking awesome Music note

It’s been 11 years since the release of Thrift Shop. Like all good things, the trend cycle is bound to bring the song back in 3… 2… 

Thrift stores saw a huge boom in business after the song’s debut. In those 11 years, there’s been a steady stream of customers looking for throwbacks, looking to set a trend and looking to find items that have started trending again. 

In the age of fast fashion, thrift stores are ammunition for anyone looking to fight the sustainability battle. Reusing clothes, taking dollars away from a neglectful industry and putting them into the hands of small business owners is real activism. So get out there and pop some tags!

Savvy Consignment

Looking for a fashion statement? Fashion basics? Well, it’s probably going to be at Savvy Consignment Boutique. With a legit boutique atmosphere, peruse designer shoes, brand name clothes and all the cute purses! 

Arts and Antiques Marketplace

Minimalism has had its moment. We all now know about trend cycles. Guess what’s coming back! Homey homes with – gasp! – decoration! Don’t fall for the mass produced pieces of massive corporations. Reduce, reuse, recycle is now both a look and a vibe. Fill your home with your values and with Jeannette Glass, paintings, stained glass lamps, clocks and even wall phones and carousel horses! 

Assumption Records

Vintage is so much more than a look; it’s a lifestyle. Fill your home with the sounds of classics. Rock? Yes. Blues? Yes. Jazz? Yes. Genres you’ve never heard of? Also yes! Record players are, like all good trends, on the come-up. 

Monongah Furniture & Antiques

Are you a trendsetter or a trendsitter? Vintage is a vibe. Don’t mess it up with fast furniture! From beautifully painted dressers (stunning!) to adorably reupholstered chairs (perfect for a reading nook!), you can turn your home into one of a kind. And right now, that’s the trend.

Junk Trunk

Prices for collectors collecting their collectibles have gotten out of control since 2020! Well, it’s out of control in the big box stores. Not so at a thrift shop like the Junk Trunk! Find baseball cards, Pokemon figures, Peanuts cars and other items ready to be collected by collectors! Not a collector collecting collectibles? Come for the lamps, the glass, the quilts and the charm!

Pickers Paradise

Fashion isn’t the only thing to get an ethical overhaul. Jewelry, like diamonds, have been unethically mined and taken from communities for too long. One solution? Stop taking any more! Instead, find a vintage ring or necklace that complements your spouse’s… new guitar! Full of pre-owned guitars, you can find just about anything at Pickers! 

Morris Marketplace Menagerie

The newest thrift shop in Marion, Morris Marketplace Menagerie is true to its name! There is certainly a diverse collection of dresses, bikes, beautiful china, wall decor and more. Plus, there are snacks! 

Looking to spend money that also goes to a good cause? 

Hospice Care Thrift Shop

This WV Caring resale shop allows the community to support their mission of caring for people diagnosed with a serious illness. With volunteer staff, proceeds ensure that every patient gets the care they need regardless of their ability to pay. But wait, there’s more! Every spring, the shop hosts “The Cinderella Project,” a big sale of prom gowns, shoes and accessories! 

Penny Pincher Thrift Store 

Looking for cute furniture for every room of the house? This is the place. Fill your home by filling a need in the community. Run by West Virginia Rescue Ministries, the Penny Pincher is one part of a whole network. The organization also maintains a men’s shelter, women’s and children’s shelter, family shelter and soup kitchen. Proceeds help meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who are struggling. 

Salvation Army Thrift Store

Donated goods are sold at Salvation Army Thrift Stores, with the proceeds used to fund Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where those struggling with drugs and alcohol find help, hope, and a second chance at life. Whatever you’re looking for, it can only help (a lot of people) to start here. 

What’s been your best find while thrifting? 


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