Spend a Day Enjoying the Sights, Sounds, and Feel of Valley Falls State Park

image of waterfalls surrounded by forest

One of Marion’s most magnificent marvels isn’t just a sight to see but something to explore. Valley Falls State Park is more than beauty; it’s a pure adventure all day long! So pick a day, pack some snacks and go off the grid!

As long as you enjoy beautiful sights and sounds, there’s something for everyone at the falls. So bring a date, your kids, some furry friends, and human friends for a great outdoorsy day. 

someone holding a phone to scan a QR code from a sign promoting WV's waterfall trail

  • Have you heard of the West Virginia Waterfall Wanderer Challenge? Valley Falls is one of the most beautiful on the list! So here’s the deal: you download the app and start adventuring to all the falls in the state. Once you check in at three, you’ll get an official sticker, 10: a water bottle, 20: the coveted t-shirt. With 29 around the state, you have plenty to choose from before the year’s end!
  • Speaking of waterfalls, the one the state park is named for is an easy walk across the bridge from the parking lot. It’s a beautiful scene of rushing water and its impressive mountains. But, wait, there’s more! 
  • Three more! They aren’t all on the challenge list, but there are four more waterfalls to discover along the trails around the park. And plenty of ways to get to them!
  • At least eight trails connect for you to enjoy a short hike or a longer one. Enjoy all the ups and downs life – and West Virginia trails – have to give you. 
  • Running them is a faster way to experience the trails while upping the ante. The courses are relatively technical, so you’ll get to improve your skills while seeing West Virginia in a new way. Plan your trip around these trail races:  EHQ Valley Falls 6 Hour and 12 Hour, Wild Turkey 5k, 25k, 50k, half marathon, marathon, and The Gobbler 10 miler. When you think about it, at a Valley Falls race, everyone wins.
  • The trails are renowned for their amazing mountain biking thrills. As advanced as they are fun, experienced mountain bikers will enjoy them most. Get ready for the Valley Falls Enduro with 5 to 6 timed segments along a 14-mile race course. man riding a mountain bike over a large rock in the middle of the woods
  • There are many events at Valley Falls, like a cruise in! Cruise down to the park to see beauty, both natural and manmade.
  • Take some time to rest by the falls: lay on the rocks, relax, get some sun, have a picnic, and see what you can see. Valley Falls is home to nature of all kinds on the trails and by the water!
  • Want more? Grab a fishing pole and take in the beauty of the space, the fresh air, and the roar of the water.
  • Get close to the water, stay close and explore all at the same time. Bouldering at Valley Falls is fun and not as challenging as it sounds. 
  • If that’s not close enough to the water, get a raft or kayak and hit the rapids. That’s as close as you can get! (There is no swimming allowed at Valley Falls due to the whitewater.) Prepare for the adrenaline rush by calling the park in advance for all the details. 
  • Don’t forget to pick up a memento of your wonderful day! The gift shop is full of t-shirts, stickers, and most things you might need (and forgot to bring) to enjoy your day. 

You’ll have plenty of time to spend there doing anything and everything on this list. Valley Falls State Park is open from 7 a.m. to sunset. 

Just so you’re aware, you’ll conveniently drive by Dairy Creme Corner on your way back into Fairmont from Valley Falls. *wink wink*


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