A Visit to Fairmont in the Fall

View of downtown Fairmont

This morning, I welcomed a couple visiting from the eastern panhandle. I asked what brought them to Fairmont.

The answer, Fairmont! Pricketts Fort in particular.

hearth cooking

Hearth Cooking Demos at Pricketts Fort


In researching the area, they came across Pricketts Fort and decided to visit. We discussed the fact that this fort was not a military installation but a refuge fort. They are excited to see the hearth cooking demonstrations, too.


plate of lasagna

Muriale’s Restaurant a Fairmont favorite for generations


Last night, they dined at Muriale’s Restaurant. They were both very complimentary of the food and their service. The gentleman commented that it was the best Italian food he had ever eaten!

They will be in the area until Thursday, so we talked about some of our other must-see destinations.



antique store

Sweet Memories Antique Mall


Since they are going to visit the fort, I suggested they stop by Sweet Memories Antique Mall.


pepperoni rolls

Country Club Bakery


Of course, they have to experience “real” pepperoni rolls! And no visit to the area would be complete without a stop at Country Club Bakery and Colasessano’s.


Valley Falls State Park

Valley Falls State Park


And on this beautiful crisp, fall day, a drive to Valley Falls State Park is also in order.


coffee shop

Joe n Throw, coffee shop and pottery studio


They also seemed eager to visit Arts & Antiques Marketplace, Little Red Hen Bakery, and Joe n Throw in downtown Fairmont. They were intrigued that Joe n Throw was part coffee-shop, part pottery studio.

Armed with the Marion County Visitor Guide and a few extra rack cards, they set off for a few days of exploring.

How cool to explore your own state. Just pick a place to visit, then go, for no other reason than to learn and see. And what a great time of the year to visit!

What other places would you suggest they visit?

When is the last time you visited any of our tourist attractions?

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