West Virginia Wedding Season

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As the sun ends the day a little later in the evenings, we all start to realize the beautiful season we’re about to walk into . . . wedding season.

It’s nearly impossible to be completely prepared for a wedding. But to quell the nerves and anxiety, Marion County has some helpful ideas to simultaneously keep and buck tradition!

I don’t know if it’s considered tradition or some weird blessing, but having something old, new, borrowed and blue is kind of sweet. And the requirements aren’t too far fetched.


The Gown Shoppe @ Arts & Antiques Marketplace

The Gown Shoppe @ Arts & Antiques Marketplace


Wedding Traditions:


Something old: Arts & Antiques Marketplace has a wide range of options for your “something old.” Pick from vintage jewelry, retro getaway dresses, shoes and three whole floors of other possibilities.

Something new: White’s Fine Jewelry truly knows and has what’s new when it comes to jewelry. There’s nothing better to accent your new wedding ring than a new necklace.

Something borrowed: Aside from family, there’s not really a business that lends. But there are some rentals, which is very much like borrowing! How about The Marion Trolley?


WVU merchandise

WVU Giftware at Rider Pharmacy Gifts & Collectibles


Something blue: This might sound counterintuitive, but Rider’s Pharmacy is truly the place to go for something blue… and gold. With tons of paraphernalia offered there, you can stay true to your West Virginia roots while adhering to the final mandate of the “something old, something new” tradition/blessing/weird saying.

Now that you have everything you need to protect yourself from the possible curse of “something old, something new,” it’s time to dispel the pre-wedding jitters.


For the bridal party:


Detox the stress away with floatation therapy at Spa Oasis. Pick up some essential oil roll-ons to de-stress after you leave. You’ll feel and smell lovely!

Work out any wedding stress, stage fright, or fear of falling down the aisle at Main Street Yoga. Create peace and balance within and among your bridal party.

Consider an inexpensive girls getaway at Fairfield Inn and Suites, where you’re incredibly close to good food, good drinks and a good suite for the entire bridal party.


For the groomsmen:


Tactical Laser Tag at Valley Worlds of Fun

Tactical Laser Tag at Valley Worlds of Fun


What’s better than a bachelor party with archery tag, lasers, and incredibly large teacups? With rock walls and bowling, Valley Worlds of Fun is bachelor heaven.


For the wedding party:


Have some bonding time and make something to remember with your wedding party at Mountain Creative.


vintage albums at record store

Vintage albums at Assumption Records


As is the custom, wedding party gifts are sweet but making sure they’re special and inexpensive can be difficult. Vintage tunes make unique gifts, and Assumption Records has prices as low as $1.

And after you’ve all practiced walking up and down the aisle, holding bouquets and staring lovingly at each other, have some delicious rehearsal dinner. Go fancy at Muriale’s or go fun at Poky Dot. Either way, your palate will be satisfied.

And one final stop. Short Story Brewing. Need I say more? Cheers to the end of two stories and the beginning of a new one!

If you should need help in the actual preparation of the day, here’s a helpful list.


The Wedding Venue:


bride and groom

Marion County Courthouse


Many courthouses are pretty for the mere fact that they’re old. But the Marion County Courthouse has something special. Make that three somethings! Wed your true love in the sight of history and beauty of three massive murals.

Highgate Carriage House, whether inside or outside, makes for a perfect party and great pictures.

Make your wedding beautiful, historical, educational and best of all, memorable. Join together in holy matrimony with the strength of heritage at Pricketts Fort.

Valley Falls is an outside only venue, and for good reason. Rushing falls and a mountainous landscape just will not fit anywhere else.

Getting hitched at a university campus might be a bit out of the ordinary, but unnecessarily so. Fairmont State’s campus is expansive, beautiful, and full of art and architectural design.


The Wedding Cake:


wedding cake

Personalized wedding cake from Cakes With A Personal Touch Plus


Cakes with a Personal Touch has made incredible weddings cakes (and shower cakes) for years. Any combinations of flavors are possible, and regardless of the wedding’s theme or style, your cake will be fitting, gorgeous and scrumptious.


The Wedding Day:


Get pretty and pampered at Tuscan Sun Spa. Take the gang for manicures, pedicures, makeup, and hair. You might even be able to work in a quick massage before the big day begins!


The Honeymoon:


After a long day of primping and pictures and parties, you might not want to hop on a plane or drive for hours to get to your honeymoon destination. So, like your marriage, start your honeymoon on the outskirts of Marion County.

Regardless of what you do or don’t do or of what you have or don’t have, if, at the end of the day you’re married, your wedding day was a success.


What’s the most non-traditional thing you did for your wedding?

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