West Virginia’s 150th Birthday

Happy Birthquentennial, Happy Sesquicenday!

Hey, have you heard of a sesquicentennial? Big word, so of course it would have a convoluted meaning, right?  No! It’s actually just another word for cake!  That’s right, this year is West Virginia’s 150th Birthday and its right around the corner— or should I say, it’s comin’ ‘round the mountain.

West Virginia is an integral part of these here United States, but there are certain ways in which WV is just plain cooler.

Instead of seceding with the rest of Virginia, the western part of Virginia chose a different direction (a more northern direction, if you will). Because of spats with Virginia about not having a voice in the government, disliking slavery, loving freedom, and a multitude of other little things, we left. And 150 years later, we’ve never gone back! Mountaineers are always free!

As a result of standing up for ourselves and venturing out on our own, West Virginia will be 150 years old June 20th. And, the state shall celebrate, at the very least, until June 23rd.

From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Marion County will be celebrating the historic split in a few ways: we’re talking a formal afternoon tea with the Governor and Mrs. Pierpont, and having a beard growing contest, country style dinner, games, and birthday cake.

What could possibly be better than a near unpronounceable word, a really old state, beards, and cake? A community celebration, that’s what!

216 Monroe Café (The Gatherings), Marion County Historical Society, Main Street Fairmont, Marion County Public Library and many others are helping to throw a downtown celebration for our great state. The Firehouse Cafe will be providing the meal, Debbie Williams will be providing the cake, and Lonestar as well as Ronnie Milsap will be providing some of the entertainment for the Birthday Weekend.

Come out and join in! Celebrate the birth of freedom, the birth of West Virginia!

Happy Quinte…Happy Sesqu..Um, happy birthday, West Virginia! You’re so old!

What do you hope will be included in the daylong celebration?

How will you celebrate West Virginia’s 150th Birthday?