Drink It All In

12 places to enjoy specialty drinks in Marion

girl adding sprinkles to a milkshake that is topped with whipped cream and a cherry

Drink on. Drink up. Drink local. Drink Marion.

If you say drink enough times, it starts to sound like a very silly word. Instead, let’s imbibe together at …

The Rambling Root is all about options. You’ve got craft beer from all over the state! More than that, you’ve got Rambling Root beer to choose from as well. I don’t mean root beer, I mean Root beer – you know, because they’re a brewery.

woman holding a glass of dark beer clinking glasses

Short Story Brewing is constantly brewing up something new like Skyline Drive, Woke Up Like This (my personal fav) and Captain Eye. And if you’re hungry, the brewery houses Small Batch Kitchen. Savory, sweet and surprising paninis await!

But enough about beer (for now…) Cocktails and mixed drinks have a special place in Marion – and that’s at Backwoods at the Belmont. They ironically specialize in specialty drinks… For example, The Rae of Sunshine is a favorite with an amaretto base, whipped vodka and summery juices; The Italian Margarita is more amaretto with tequila and a sugar rim – quanto e buono! But you can ask for just about any kind of mixed drink in or out of existence – they’ll make it!

Wine or whiskey, Muriale’s has your drink order! From Palazzo Della Torte to Ipolito to Pinot Noir, try wine you’ve never heard of! Aged whiskey, bourbon and some Italian-esque mixed drinks are within reach.

Margaritas may be considered a mixed drink, but really, they’re in a category all their own – especially at Mi Pueblo. Lime? Mango? Peach? This a serious problem you probably didn’t know you had. If you can’t decide between a beer and a margarita, they’ll put the beer in the margarita. Problem solved.

El Rey’s spread of Mexican food and mixed drinks is pretty classic. Long island iced tea, White Russian, cosmopolitans, Bahama Mamas and more. (Does anyone know what a shoemaker is? It doesn’t matter. I’m trying it.)

Choices and decisions must be made! At Colasessano’s, you’ve got beer, wine and the possibility of any mixed drink request you can think of.

Not a typical drink person? Mountain Dragon Mazery will fulfill all your West Virginia not beer, but not quite wine (and not liquor) alcohol needs. How? What? It’s honey wine made with local honey and local flowers – needless to say, it’s not your typical drinky drink.

glass of iced coffee with chocolate whipped cream

The Joe n Throw is where we start to really venture out and broaden our drinking horizons. You can stick with West Virginia craft beer – and they have tons of it – or you can choose locally roasted coffee. Pour overs, lavender lattes, nitro cold brew, matcha lattes – the specialty drinks list goes on and on. To avoid both depressants and uppers, try their unique Italian sodas – honeysuckle, marshmallow, raspberry and hazelnut (to name a few).

As you can clearly read, Marion County is filled with all kinds of liquids! And there’s more…

Our milkshakes bring all the humans to the county!

Can’t decide between cake and ice cream? Pufferbelly’s Llamalicious milkshake gives you ice cream, cake and icing all in one cup! There are plenty more flavors like mint choco chip, Oreo Polar Express, chocolate peanut butter, cheesecake and too many more!

Variety is the spice of Marion, and Dairy Creme Corner has more variety than you can count. Drink a sno biz, a slushie, a malt, a float, a shake. And after you pick, good luck deciding on the flavor from among thousands! (Quick question. Can you drink a funnel cake? I’m going to try anyway.)

Decisions are tough, as we learned in the previous paragraph. Sometimes your choices aren’t sweet drinks but all sweets: ice cream, cookies, candy. Good news for you indecisive people: The Poky Dot gives you all of them! Get a specialty milkshake topped with candy bars or cookies or donuts or s’mores or mermaids or unicorns!

Whether it’s an alcoholic something or a lactose-laden shake, just be sure to drink responsibly

(Allevato’s Taxi and Motown Taxi will drive you anywhere while you digest responsibly!)

What’s your go-to drink in Marion?

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