How to Christmas in Marion

3 old-world Santas

It’s a scary time of year. The ghouls, ghosts and goblins have run a muck looking for their next sugar high. The temperatures are dropping fast, making us all question (and hope for) global warming. The laws of physics have gone out the proverbial window as time is apparently speeding up, expediting the beginning and end of yet another year for each and every one of us… because in case you didn’t realize, it’s already November!

It is officially holiday season and there’s much to be done! And remember, time is moving faster and faster, which means we have to hurry. You might need some extra caffeine to keep up.

First things first! Bring out the holiday decorations. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the fall colors have been out for a while now. You might hold off on the tree (especially if you use a live one), but you can start setting out poinsettias, wreaths, knick-knacks, table cloths, bows and garland. And lights. Lots of lights. Both indoors and out.

If you don’t have these things or if you don’t have enough, which you probably don’t, I know where you can find what you need!


store with Christmas decorations and gifts

Rider Pharmacy Cards & Gifts is chock full of holiday spirit! From tiny elves to beautiful ornaments, they have more than you need to make your house a winter wonderland.

Craft Connection will not only make your house holiday-ready but cozy, too. Candles in the scents of the season plus pillows-a-plenty will practically make the memories for you.

There are other ways to make the house smell and look Christmasy in one fell swoop:

Mountaineer Florist: Remember those poinsettias I told you to get? This is a great place to start the season: pumpkin planters, pumpkin arrangements and flannel inclusive designs!

West Augusta Historical Society Greenery Bazaar: Don’t put up just any wreath, get a live one to spread holiday cheer and scent! Fresh pine and baskets arrangements are just around the corner.

Now that you’ve visually indicated to your brain that it truly is the holiday season (no matter that it feels like it was only a few months ago we celebrated Christmas 2017), it’s time to start acting like it! And that requires some shopping. But not just any shopping; you have to put some thought into it. Well, I guess you really don’t have to because I already did it for you…

Assumption Records has musical stylings for everyone, from Frank Sinatra to contemporary releases. The only catch is they’re all records! So it’s not so much of a catch as it is a bonus. Get some (perfectly priced) records for your vintage-loving friend, hipster beaux or aspiring hipster family member.

For your unique gift-giving to be successful, you might need to consider making this a two-part gift. But don’t worry, Marion County has what you need: antique stores! Get a record player at Pawntiques Emporium, Sweet Memories Antique Mall or Arts & Antiques Marketplace.

It’s hard to find a gift that wasn’t made in a factory and isn’t one of a million others just like it. That’s where Rustic Woods comes in. A gift that’s different, useful and West Virginian: you can’t get any better.

If you’re looking for a more romantic gift, then there’s one place you might want to consider! White’s Fine Jewelry has brilliant gold and fanciful gems for only the most special person. So, when in doubt – diamonds.

Tasty treats:

T’is the season for family, fun and so much food. Make your feasts memorable with some homemade help.

When family is coming to stay, the only way to survive is cake. Cakes with a Personal Touch goes beyond the ordinary to the cupcake extraordinary with maple walnut bacon, apple harvest, carrot, and more! Another great way to survive is cookies like butter pecan, cream horns and/or (probably ‘and’) ginger snaps!

The Little Red Hen is ready and willing to help you with almost every part of your holiday meals. They’ll provide you with pumpkin, pecan, chocolate cream and butterscotch pies just to name a few. Don’t forget stuffing mix, pumpkin rolls and dinner rolls – they have those, too!

Noteworthy Sweets is the place to get either your savory or sweet needs. Think Italian Panettone, sweet potato pie and three layer Thanksgiving Cake. (It’s pecan, pumpkin and cranberry… yeah.) Not what you need? Don’t fret, they accept made-to-order requests!

Don’t forget:

Cooking is usually a big part of any family’s holiday get-togethers. Don’t forget those staple pantry products like sugar, flour, molasses, raisins Get the healthiest version for your and your family at Health Naturally.

natural cleaning supplies

Stocking stuffers might just be the most fun part about the holidays! Find small and incredibly different gifts at Health Naturally (think essential oils, natural lip gloss and healthy candies). For a bigger stocking stuffer, however, Mountain Dragon Mazery is where you’d need to go. Get West Virginia honey wine for your favorite people.

What to do for that office holiday party? Don’t worry; I’ve already thought about that. For the dish you need to bring – that’s easy – cannoli (or anything really) from Hermosilla’s Deli Market!

What do you do when you have no idea what to get your office acquaintance? West Fork Pottery and Stone Tower Joe can help you out with a locally made mug and a bag of locally roasted coffee – who wouldn’t love that?

You’re already spending money on gifts and food, but what will you wear? Savvy Consignment has got you covered (literally!). Designer clothes and accessories are within your reach and your budget.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you to prepare for tor the holiday season so you can soon relax and enjoy it. There’s plenty to do and see in Marion during the holidays – just wait…

What’s your favorite part about the Christmas season?

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