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How to live like a local millennial in Marion County

2 young women looking at pottery holding coffee drinks in to-go cups

What’s it take to be a millennial’s dream destination?

Don’t worry; I made a list!

  • Provide options ✅
  • Be an obscure place ✅
  • Have interesting scenes (instead of typical American ones) ✅
  • Be budget friendly ✅
  • Be Instagrammable ✅
  • Be socially conscientious ✅
  • Have local exclusivity ✅
  • Sell organic and local food ✅
  • Have thrift stores ✅
  • Sell local alcohol ✅

As you can tell by all the checkmarks, it’s pretty easy to millennial in Marion County #newverb We’ve got adventurous food; we’ve got coffee; we’ve got culture; we’ve got old things, and we’ve got experiences #getonmymillenniallevel

Now the question is, What’s it like to be a millennial in Marion? Well, let me show you…

Adventurous Food

My millennial day starts out the way you think it would: at the Joe n Throw.

Freshly roasted coffee – ground locally of course and then also poured locally – is a very important part of my day. The best part of seeing people is when coffee is involved. And if you’re questioning whether specialty coffee is Instagrammable, stop.

Aside from getting groceries online, the rest of my shopping is done at …

Speedway Market’s refrigerator section is exactly how I like it: filled with organic and vegetarian options. The produce is fresh, local and scrumptious. Can I talk about all the different kinds of apples? Maybe I should save that for another blog…

Creekside Country Market is an Amish store with candies, pasta, ice cream, and cheese all made by the Amish. Now, this stuff is homemade.

Health Naturally helps make me pretty. They have locally sourced meats and eggs and organic food and all that jazz. What I really like are the organic supplements, green juice powders and hygiene items like dry brushes and Nourish Organic products and the green juice powders. Did I already mention that? Whatever.

woman holding a blue mug with waterfalls and trees in the background

Valley Falls State Park is a favorite destination among millennials


Now let’s talk about obscure places…

Around the corner from Health Naturally is Comic Paradise Plus. Anything and everything comic-related or comic-themed is here. Vintage comics are also an option!

Valley Falls State Park is where I go for my mental health. You think I’m joking, but these trails have gotten me through some tough times. If the state park itself isn’t obscure enough, the trails have some hidden treasures in bridges, rocks large enough to sleep on and, of course, hidden falls. Not to mention, the main attraction, the not hidden and very obvious falls – an apt adjective to describe them is inspirational.

Assumption Records is in the tiny town of Rivesville. The country road and small town livin’ are worth the trip, but the prize is a trip back in time. Assumption is owned by the friendliest people with the best taste in music. (It’s true. I took a poll.) Choose from all the classic crooners, the beginning of rock as well as contemporary awesomeness. It’s a definite that Assumption Records is in the running for most millennial of all places everywhere. (The results of that poll aren’t yet in. Stand by.)

So about those thrift stores. We’ve got the classics like Penny Pincher and Good Will, but we’ve also got some designer thrift. It’s not so much about eco-conscious as it is about being eco-savvy. Reduce, reuse and recycle by shopping local designer brands at Savvy Consignment. However, it’s not your average Macklemore thrift store because it’s a boutique! A boutique!


Sheer obscurity and local exclusivity are Marion County specialties. West Virginia is the only state to produce pepperoni rolls, created by yours truly, Marion County. This Italian American delicacy is apart of our own Appalachian heritage. Created by an immigrant miner, Giuseppe Argiro, the rolls became so popular that he opened Country Club Bakery. Obscure food, local food, and local culture all rolled into one!

Also, let’s talk about Instagram some more… Marion’s Instagrammableness is pretty spot-on. Take (seemingly) death-defying selfies at Valley Falls. Get the adorable ‘gram of you and the Hamilton Round Barn. Hit up West Fork Pottery and do it for the Insta!

Our local exclusivity and socially conscientiousness go hand-in-hand here in Marion. Maybe it’s less of a hand-in-hand and more of a hopps-in-growler kind of situation. The Rambling Root and Short Story Brewing are both brewers that use local ingredients to make their distinct flavors.

Not a beer fan? Mountain Dragon Mazery takes care of the ever-shrinking bee population by maintaining their own hives and using the honey in their honey wine. Other things go into it like West Virginia wildflowers, roses, tulips, black cherries, mulberries, and coffee!

What’s more necessary than local alcohol? Local food for sure. The Rambling Root has been providing all the adventurous foods for me lately like duck meatballs and ostrich burgers. I always like something Korean-esque/Mexican-ish/Appalachiany from Street Food Kitchen. What’s better? Both restaurants use as much local produce and meat as possible, which leads to the fresh flavor of just about everything I’ve stuffed in my face.

So that’s what Marion millennial life is like… Well, that’s what my Marion millennial life is like anyway.

What other adventures make Marion a dream destination – no matter your age? 



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