The Traveling Pet

man and woman with a golden retriever standing on a large rock by waterfalls

Do you want to take fun trips? More importantly, does your dog want to take fun trips?

Come on down, up, or over to Marion County. Everyone is welcome here, no matter how furry!

First things first. You’ll need a place to stay!

Choose any one of these pet-friendly hotels to prepare for your days of adventure. (Some do charge an extra fee for pets).

You’re not the only one who needs a few creature comforts. Remember to make a packing list for your pet (It’s not like they can write for themselves.).

lady walking her dog on a park trail


  • a favorite toy 
  • a blanket from home 
  • water (and a bowl!) for all the hiking and picnicking adventures
  • a bandana to soak and tie around your dog’s neck on hot days
  • suntan lotion is for your dog, too!
  • food (for hiking snacks and meals)
  • medications

Other necessities to pack for the trip: 

  • A leash 
  • Collar tags with your cell phone number 
  • Gentle Leader for a more humane and effective way to keep your dog – who’s just so excited to be here – from pulling

small black dog at a pet store

Did you forget something? The newest pet store in town, Pet Works, is located at the new Middletown Commons and can help in a pinch! Or stop by Speedway Market to reward fido with a new bone for good behavior. 

It’s time for a quick lesson in “petiquette.” Think to yourself, “If Emily Post were a domesticated house pet, what behavior would she approve of?” 

  • Always have a plastic bag available to clean up any mess your pet might make.
  • Keep your dog on a leash in all public areas – parks, trails, sidewalks, etc. (You never know if someone is allergic or fearful.)
  • Bring a blanket to cover the outside of the kennel at night to reduce nervousness/attention barking. It’s like a fort!

Remind your little buddy to be on their best behavior because you never know what places might have treats for good little furries!

dog park

Adventure awaits!

It’s a 4-acre off-leash dog park that features a double-gated entry and separate enclosed areas for small dogs and another for larger dogs. There is also a fenced-in meadow for running and fetching.  

Need a break?  Enjoy the nearby picnic area, park benches, and a water fountain for pets and their owners.  The park also provides pet waste bags, so be responsible. 

  • Valley Falls State Park is full of new things for your pet to sniff! With eight trails and countless waterfalls, outdoor adventurers in all shapes and sizes will love it!
  • Morris Park is a great place to meet other pets and pet lovers. A 1.3-mile paved walking trail with rolling hills is a nice little jaunt for any size pooch. 
  • Pricketts Fort State Park is, as you may have guessed, outdoors and is pet-friendly. Take a tour, learn about the past, and appreciate the present. Need a quick walk? The rail trail is right there! It’s great scenery for you and a perfect place to walk for a restless pooch. In the summertime, let your dog take a swim in the Mon River and cool off before the next adventure. 
  • Marion County’s Civil War Trail is also outdoors! Take in the sights of the battles and the homes of the people who fought them.
  • You can’t go wrong with outdoor games. Not tag or hide and seek – pets can’t play those… or can they? Anyway, consider going on a hunt or either Pokemon or Geocaches! 
  • Your fur friend might not be very interested in mining history, but if you are, bring ‘em along! Marion County has quite a few outdoor mining monuments
  • Maybe your fur-friend is interested in war memorials – we don’t know. If that’s the case, then tag along to see the inspiring sacrifice of many a Marion Countian.

man standing in front of an ice cream shop with a dog

With days like these, you’ll need to keep your energy up. Hungry?

  • Short Story Brewing welcomes anyone who wants to hang out with them – including your pets! Try the wings (or any of their delicious menu items) with their signature beer, Argonaut. Bring your BFF (Best Fur Friend) to enjoy the patio and a few fries.
  • Dairy Creme Corner is a summer treat for the whole family! The food is just like at a fair, and the ice cream is gigantic. Try an avalanche filled with whatever you want: Poptarts, fruit, cereal, candy! Or try to devour a towering ice cream cone and get a little one for your little adventure buddy.
  • Other stops that provide outside seating include Pufferbellys Food & Ice Cream Station, Our Back Porch, BerTeas, and Hometown Hotdogs of Fairview and Farmington.

Marion has great veterinary care. We hope you won’t need them, but just in case… 

What are some of your tips for traveling with your pet?


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