Have Fun at Work Day

2 women shopping for clothes

Work is work, right?

Or, is it?

Get ready for January 25! It’s the one day a year for a chance to regain your sanity, reconnect with your coworkers (who are actually also human beings) and release some pent up anxiety. It’s National Have Fun at Work Day! 

Let me remind you what fun is…

Coffee is fun. Get some fancy brews for the crew at the Joe n Throw.

Baked goods are fun. Pick up some sweet and savory breakfast foods at Noteworthy Sweets! Or you can nix the idea of having any semblance of health and go straight for cupcakes. Cakes with a Personal Touch will provide you with breakfasty cupcakes like Maple Bacon – need I say more?

Yoga is fun. Think about an after-work, potentially awkward, but certain to be hilarious team building activity. Main Street Yoga has all you need for work fun and memories!

Clay Fairy House at Mountain Creative

Painting is fun. Take a trip to Mountain Creative to paint some fun necessities for your desks: coffee mugs, dinosaurs, fairy castles – anything you could ever want or pretend to need!

Games are fun. Get the gang together and head to Gaming Till Dawn for more than you bargained for! Meaning, more than Monopoly. (Did you get the joke??)

Beer is fun. Get Marion originals at Short Story Brewing and/or (who are we kidding; it’s and) The Rambling Root. There’s always Mountain Dragon for something a little left of center. (By left of center, I mean, honey… and wine!)

Food is fun. The more the merrier, right? Based on that fact, you and your coworkers will want to go out for some Mi Pueblo (all the chips, all the salsa, all the cheese) or order in for some speedy delivery from Fox’s Pizza Den.

Outside is fun. Bundle up for what could hopefully be a snowy day filled with snowball fights and snowman construction! Best places would be Morris Park, Pricketts Fort, and Palatine Park.

Inside is fun, too. Take in a movie. Go on a shopping trip. Have some spa time. Essentially, what I’m saying is that warmth is also fun. lady getting her nails polished

Presents are fun. I dare anyone to argue with me on this! Get something sweet from Sweet Memories Antique Mall, something neat from Comic Paradise Plus or something cool from Assumption Records. When in doubt, remember beer, coffee, and cupcakes- you can’t go wrong!

With all these options here in Marion, you and your co-workers can easily enjoy your work – and on more days than just Jan. 25 (but especially on Jan. 25)! (Some sources say NHFAWD is Jan. 28th – so you chose your day of fun.)

How will you add some fun to your workday?


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