6 Things To Do During A Marion Romantic Getaway

couple painting pottery

What does it take to be a romantic destination?

Just a few simple but oh-so-necessary characteristics: cutesy, delicious, beautiful.

Marion County has these in mawkish abundance! Prepare yourselves for the most memorable – and the most Marion – of romantic getaways!

Have an adorable brunch for two at Little Red Hen. The French country decor plus the sticky bun, the quiche, the croissants make this the perfect couples’ brunch outing.

Pricketts Fort State Park has lovely strolling capabilities from the fort to the rail trail. Enjoy the romance of simplicity in 18th-century life and the beauty that nature has to offer all in the same place.

  • A fall for two

house by a lake

Valley Falls State Park is a serene couple’s mini-retreat from the rest of the world. Talk about life, love and everything in between in the arms of the one you love. Did I mention Valley Falls is also the place for couples pictures? (I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to even be a couple.)

If you’re in need of more scenic selfies or the did-it-for-the-insta kind of pics, take a romantic drive out to A Nature’s Song Bed and Breakfast and/or make a stop at the Hamilton Round Barn.

Here’s a piece of unsolicited relationship advice: Never stop making new memories together. Do something new and different like a pottery-making class! Try your hand at mugs, pots, gnomes and more at Joe n Throw.

If you’d rather paint than sculpt, Mountain Creative has all the pre-sculpted pieces you can think of and all the paint colors you didn’t know existed!

  • Two gelatos… to share

Of all the frozen desserts, gelato is definitely the most romantic. Let’s all be honest: love is sweet but gelato is sweeter. I’d say to share one, but I don’t even love someone that much. So go ahead and get your own gelato at Colasessano’s as you and your schnookums fall deeper in gelato. Oh oops! Did I say gelato? What I meant was love.

woman holding a glass of dark beer clinking glasses

  • Love on the flight

Reminisce about the first time you met and discuss all that the future holds for you two lovebirds over a flight of lovingly and locally made beers at both Short Story Brewing and The Rambling Root.

If your love and taste buds are even more adventurous than that, you can’t get more romantic than Mountain Dragon Mazery’s honey wine. It’s made with roses, West Virginia wildflowers and local honey.

What’s the most romantic thing you have ever done? 

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