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35 Places to Enjoy Marion County After Hours

hoagie with pepperoni and cheese

No matter how you slice it – and you can slice Marion in multiple ways, from Colasessano’s to OIP to Fox’s Pizza Den and beyond – we’re a county made up of small towns. To a certain extent, we have small-town hours and small-town schedules. Some people don’t care for life that way, but it really adds to the small-town feel, so we like it. 

However, these small-town hours beg the question: What do you even do on a weekend night?

For music:

3 musicians playing string instruments

Sagebrush Round-Up – This is a two-for-one place on country music and country cookin’ after hours. 

Short Story Brewing – Live music and live games plus craft beer and paninis. When? Late at night.

The Rambling Root – Get the outdoor acoustics of local tunes with local beer on a local night out. 

Joe n Throw – Hear the Appalachian locals with a Hippie Honey Mocha, Lucky Charms Latte or one of many West Virginian craft beers. 

Mountain Dragon Mazery – Atmosphere is everything, so when you’re having mead, it’s important there be an open mic and fire show.

Palatine Park – Music and movie nights in the great outdoors, by the river, under the stars – perfection.

Pricketts Fort – Late night Appalachian music is an essential part of late-night Appalachia.

For food:

couple clinking cocktail glasses with plates of food on the table

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant – Even though this is a blog about getting out in Marion, sometimes you just want to stay in. Late-night delivery from Ken’s can help with that!

Happy Garden – I don’t know why Chinese food seems synonymous with late nights, but there must be a reason for it, and I think I know why – it’s delicious! 

Aquarium Lounge – A good place for late nights and a great place for seafood!

DJ’s 50s & 60s Diner – A poppin’ 50’s atmosphere is crucial to a late Friday night, but so are blueberry pancakes and funnel cake fries. Good thing DJ’s has all of those things!

Cantoni’s – You can’t miss pizza night! Friday night pizza at Cantoni’s could/should become a nightly tradition. 

Mario’s – Italian pizza, New York pizza, but most importantly a late-night-in-Mannington-pizza is a must. 

El Rey – A late-night combination of West Virginia and Mexico can only result in some incredible burritos like the WV Jumbo Burrito, Burrito Superior, and of course, Burrito El Rey. 

large banana split with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream

For ice cream:

The Poky Dot – It’s open late for you and all your night owl friends to devour their massive servings of ice cream and milkshakes. 

Pufferbelly’s Food & Ice Cream Station – Inspiration always seems to strike late at night, and Pufferbelly’s has just the creative ice cream inventions you need: Blue Moon (think Fruity Pebbles flavored ice cream), Camo Hero (ice cream with marshmallows, graham crackers, and peanut butter) and Sweet n Salty Kettlecorn Ice Cream. 

Dairy Creme Corner – Open only half the year, they’re sure to make it count with later hours and super delicious Avalanches – Tropical Island, Peaches & Cream, Apple Pie and the list goes on and on and on!

Little Dippers – Ice cream over brownies, pies, cupcakes, cookies. It’s not just an ice cream shop; it’s like a dessert outlet!

Dairy Kone – Late nights call for peanut butter marshmallow shakes, a Blueberry Crunch Blitz, Death by Chocolate Blitz and a ton more blitzes. Blitzi? Blitzeses? What I mean is more ice cream!  

mini golf course with a large metal coal miner statue

For doing:

Tuscan Sun Spa – The urge to shop can hit at any moment, even after business hours. Tuscan Sun Spa has all your late-night needs: clothes, bags, makeup, jewelry and tons more.

Coal Country Minature Golf – How’s your hand-eye coordination? How’s your hand-eye coordination after 9 p.m.? Putt-Putt and batting cages are calling all the athletic night owls!

Gaming Till Dawn – This name is only a little hyperbolic, but the point is they’re open late for gaming fun. 

Mountain Creative – Creativity never rests, so hit up Mountain Creative even after the typical (non-artistic) business hours have ended. 

Tygart Valley Cinemas – Movie night double features, double popcorn, and late-night treats make for a perfect evening. 

Main Street Yoga – Sometimes late nights are just for relaxing. Evening Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes are a perfect way to have a very chill late night out. 

Curtisville Lake & Campground – How about you take your late-night and turn it into all night? Sleep under the stars after a beautiful evening of hiking, fishing, and campfires. 

man mixing drinks at the bar at Muriale's Restaurant

For drinks:

Beer Burger Bowery – Need a Crabby Patty to go with your late-night cartoons? Beer Burger Bowery does an equal parts delicious craft beer and interesting burgers – late into the night. 

Bellview Bar and Grill – Offering a necessary combination of craft beer, barbecue and a night in Marion.

Backwoods at the Belmont – They can make you any mixed drink you can think of along with your Canadian, Italian, Creole or Greek delicacy. 

Copperhouse Grill – It’s late. How late? Mixed drinks and appetizers o’ clock.

Mi Pueblo – Mexican margaritas are a great way to begin the night, and for good reason. 

Colasessano’s – Craft beer with gelato might not be a traditional late-night snack, but maybe it should be… 

Muriale’s – Ritzy Italian nightcaps aren’t something you can get just anywhere, but you can get them in Marion! 

For comfort:

Dutchman’s Daughter – An innumerable number of soups, meats and general country deliciousness for your late-night dining pleasure. 

Say-Boy’s Restaurant – A  meal and a freshly baked dessert are just what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

What do you like to do for fun after the sun goes down? 

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